Wednesday, July 02, 2014

FasCat Tour Plan: Day 1 - Field Test

I've decided to keeps things interesting this month so I will complete FasCat's Tour De France plan written by co worker Carson. He built a program based on the stages in the Tour and the demands. Of course everything is cut down in duration and intensity so the average person with a job and a family can complete it.  Here is a link of the plan on Velonews.

Today was the 20 minute Field Test. I'm not one who really likes to do these. I always have an idea of what my threshold is through riding. I've been assuming lately that my FTP is around 340 watts.

 Here in central Indiana there is no 20 minute climb. So to keep things more interesting during this I made a 20 minute loop. This way the wind would always be coming from a different direction, I'd have 4 corners to break things up, and I can always go out and retest on same loop.

 So I went out and cruised for a while and included a 5 minute effort at tempo for warm up. Well after the test my average for 20 minute was 348 watts. But I got caught by some construction and had to slow for 30 seconds with only a 94 watt average. When I cut that out and took at my average it came out to be 356 watts making my threshold right at 340. Dang I'm smart. Yeah maybe I could have gone a little harder, but that is pretty much what I was thinking. Not bad for inconsistent training in the month of June.  

I happened to weigh myself this morning and I was 142 lbs or 64.5 kgs so for watts per Kilogram that puts it at 5.51

Strava Link:

Tomorrow is an off day in the plan. YES! Then it will be 24 days straight of riding. I will be riding on the rest days as they do that in the Tour as well. Hopefully I can make it through the plan successfully and don't have an hiccups. But again I have other priorities such as family and work, but I will try. 

Rode int he new FasCat kit. Pretty stylish.

Always fun to see Personal Records after you hit save on the Garmin.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June 28th / 29th Weekend Review

Something new coming to my blog. I'm really hoping to find time to do this. As I have started coaching full time I have a lot of athletes accomplishing big goals. I'd really like to share most of these as they have worked very hard to accomplish these. Being half way through the year there already have been many, but I guess I will just have to start now.

This past Saturday was the Colorado State Time Trial Championships. I had a few athletes take part with quite some success. In the Masters Category 4 45+ Terry G. finished on the podium in 3rd place and Kevin E. had a strong ride as well with a top 10 finish in the 36 rider field. Then in the Category 3 race John G. finished in 2nd place, he was only 30 seconds off the pace in the 40km race. He improved on his time from last year by 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Another event this weekend in Colorado was more then a race, it was for Charity. It was the MS150 ride. The route took riders from Denver up into Fort Collins. I had a couple of riders doing this. One was Steve S. Not only was this his first every century, but he completed it in 5.5 hours! He had only planned on doing the Buff Classic in August as a goal. He started just riding last year and actually got the bug to race this year and has completed in two races of late. The other rider to complete the ride was Earl T. His goal was to be faster then last year and not get dropped by his friend. He is in his 60's and his goal was to finish Saturday's ride in under 8 hours. Not only did he do that, but he did it in under 6.5 hours! Earl's big goal is a few weeks with completing the Mt. Evans Hill Climb in under 3 hours, which he as been within 10 minutes of in training twice this year.

Another rider of mine, Kevin K., had a goal of competing in the Blood Sweet and Gears. It is a 100 mile ride in North Carolina. He had been doing great in training and making improvements after coming back from an injury in March. Unfortunately he came down with a sickness the week before and wasn't a 100% came the day of the event. He still managed to fight through it to finish strong.

Across the pond I have been working with an athlete, Erik L. who's goal was competing in a 200 km team race. Their goal was to finish the race in under 5.5 hours. Not only did they break that time by 19 minutes but Erik was one of the strongest on the team. He has been absolutely killing the training. He has one of the new Garmin Virb cameras and has sent me a few videos of him training over there. They have been pretty neat.

Eric appears to be all smiles crossing the line. 

Closer to home Michael J. finished just off the podium in 4th place in a criterium in California. He is one race away from getting his Cat 4 upgrade. 

There are endurance riders then their are true endurance riders. Mike J. is a different type of athlete then I am use to coaching. He is into off road, gravel endurance racing. His longest event this year was nearly 400 miles and he completed it in just over 40 hrs, only a couple of those were sleeping. This past weekend was a short event for him at 180 miles. He ended finishing on the podium in 3rd place. 30 riders started the event and only 6 were able to complete it. 

Here is Mike at the finish. Apparently it was pretty muddy in the beginning. 

If you thought racing two crits in one day was challenge try doing a 40km individual time trial and a 40 km team time trial in one day. That is exactly what Scott Bromstead did. In his 40km time trial he was able to finish 5th in his age group. On the day he had done 80 km's of time trialing! That is a quick way to 180 TSS. 

Lot's of good racing to come from my FasCat athletes with some big goals coming up. The big ones this month include the Salida Omnium, Silver Rush 50 and Mt. Evans Hill Climb. Of course there are others and a few goals to be reached. Great job guys and keep up the hard training! 

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Monday, April 14, 2014


I guess it's better late then never. It has been over almost exactly a week now but I finally have time sit and write a few things. And even say that there is plenty of other things I could be doing. Like analyzing weekend power files, writing programs and putting together new baby things. I guess Monday will be busy.

Riding the rollers on Monday at work. 

Pinning up numbers for the first big race of the year

I flew out of Boulder late Tuesday night after working and having dinner with my wife and father in law as they were visiting Boulder. Tuesday afternoon I did get to do a nice staff ride with Frank and my roomate Tucker. It was nice to get one last one in before heading to the race and back to Indy afterwards. I arrived to the airport with plenty of time and even more time as my late flight was delayed. New arrival into Ontario was 11:15 pm. By the time I got the host house and in bed I had a solid 10 hours to sleep, eat and get ready for stage 1.

Team director Frey all smiles the first day. He wasn't that happy at midnight picking me up from the airport. Nobody would have been. 

I went into stage 1 just wanting to get some racing in and feel it out. It was a fairly technical with a short punchy climb and a downhill with a few corners. Luckily the roads were relatively wide and the spitting rain never came pouring down long. Luckily things settled down a bit after the neutral start and a break went up the road. Pretty much just went around in circles from there. I felt surprisingly good for being my first race in over a month. Our new team member Brecht felt really good as well and got a solid top 10.

Our European contingent. Matt on the left, Brecht on the right. 

The second day was the time trial up at Big Bear. There were rumors swirling that this might be cancelled because of snow up there and on the pass driving up. Luck enough for us the weather turned out to be quite spectacular. My race went exactly like last year. I had practically the same power, same time and same equipment.

The drive up to Big Bear.

I rode in the front with Max on the way down. I sat in the back on the way up and felt horrible on the drive up and for about an hour afterwards. It was way more miserable then the TT.

The third day was the long Beaumont Road Race Stage. On tap was 120 miles. The plan for me was just to wait till the last lap and make the front group, but I'd decided to help my teammates early and cover moves. I got up there with Ryan and started going for the move. It took a while but I went hard in the beginning of the third lap and got a group going. It was a little big and some were sitting on and some would skip turns. Very incohesive. We still managed to get up to 5 minutes, but by the last lap everyone dicked around enough for us to get caught 7km from the finish. Brecht finished off strong again with another top 10.

Morning ride before the criterium. I was a little disappointed in Matt. He seems to have lost his Euro flair as he wasn't wearing leg warmers. Last year he wore them when it was 75, this morning it was maybe 60. 

Come to sunny and warm southern California they say. I think I wore long sleeves every day but the last. At least it was mostly dry. 

The fourth day and my least favorite was the criterium. After spending a lot of energy in the break the day before and the racing adding up I was a bit worried about how I would feel. Luckily it was the best I've felt in a criterium in a while. It might have been a little easier as Max got in the break early and we could just sit back and roll it. The break actually stayed away and Max finished 5th.

Sunday brought the famous Sunset Road Race. It is one of the if not the toughest circuits in the US. The race starts with two short crit laps which have points on the line each lap then KOM points with time bonuses the first time up the climb on the circuit. The race of course started fast and by the first time over the KOM the race was split into many groups. Through the feed zone it did settle down, but the field continued to whittle down as normal each lap. By halfway through there may have been 60 riders left (half). We still had three with Matt, Cortlan and myself.

They had a good live stream of the race and Maddy was watching. Glad I got out front so she could see that I was actually racing. 

Hoping a group would come across and help out a bit. 

A break eventually went but the pace never let up and the 4 guys didn't get much time. They were caught with 2.5 circuits remaining. Once they were caught I ended up getting off the front. I was hoping for a group to come up to me. I went down the hill and made it over the KOM alone with 1 guy chasing. Unfortunately he and I didn't have much of gap and it came back just before the feedzone. I recovered on the downhill to make it over in the group the last time and to the closing circuits. I wasn't able to do much the rest of the race. Every since I did Redlands the first time in 2005 I wanted to be able to get through and race this race. I never got back until last year and flatted out but it felt good to be there this year.

Our host house was pretty amazing and made us some great dinners. They were also out at the races cheering us on. Nothing better then steak tacos after a hard week of racing. 

That night we went to hotel airport as most of us had early flights. We hung out for a while at the hotel bar that night and had a good time. Some of us also had some giant pieces of cake. Mine was carrot so it's ok it was healthy! 

Now am back home in Indy waiting on the arrival of Carolyn Rose. Should only be a few weeks. I'll be racing this Friday in Winston Salem as long as we don't have an early arrival

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