Monday, October 05, 2015

IT'S A BOY! After having 2 girls, the third one is going to be a boy! I guess we can get rid of the pile of girls clothes we've been holding onto. Time to get boy things like footballs, trucks, dirt and etc. I just hope he doesn't take all my toys like I did with my Dad! 

Friday afternoon I got a new toy to borrow for a while. I got to ride a Giant Defy. Pretty fun! It is a gravel road bike and I was trying not to confuse that with cross bike with some trails near by. It is always fun to take the road less taking. Plus it had Sram Hydro 1 x 11 on it and that was pretty awesome to play around with. 

All week Madelyn has been part of a cheer clinic and was able to cheer at the first quarter of the Avon football game. That was the longest quarter of football ever! It was one of the first really cool days and the wind was ripping through everyone. It made me really excited about riding this winter. Not. 

Sunday afternoon it was beautiful again I took the girls out to Zoo Boo. Madelyn was able to wear her costume and get some early trick or treating in at the zoo. Carolyn also got candy which she will be sharing with everyone else. Though the peanut butter crackers will be hers. 

Game time tonight and Carolyn is ready! She don't care that the Lions are 0 - 3. No fair weather fans here. She's my football buddy and with a  little brother coming I will have two. Though to be fair Madelyn does come by now and again and throw in a cheer. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

World Championships

Headed out last Thursday for Virginia with my Dad. Plan was to ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway on Friday and Saturday and watch the Elite Men's Road Race on Sunday. We were also meeting up with Ian, his finance Amanda and Mr. TruTrainer himself Jeff. I was excited about riding the climbs I did way back when in the Tour of Virginia in 2007 along with team camp with Rite Aid in the same year.

My Dad and I got out there early enough for a ride on Thursday evening. It was a quick hour on the parkway as the sun was setting. Just a perfect evening.

The next morning as we waited for Jeff we thought about how we would ride in the raining and foggy conditions. We decided the best option would be head a bit north where it seemed like it was raining less and ride on Skyline Drive. It actually worked out quite well as the weather wasn't as bad and we did get in a nice 45 mile ride.

That evening we went out for dinner and I mentioned getting a chocolate ice cream smoothie, but Jeff and my Dad said we could head back out as we ate sort of early. I knew it would never happen and it didn't. They assured me they would. I could have went, but I shut down after 8pm. So even though I am younger, I pretty much fit right in.

The following day was much of the same with the weather. We just went for it. It was actually quite worse. I decided that I wanted to at least do the Winter Green Climb. One of the biggest climb in the area. I figured the climb itself would take 40 - 50 minutes, so I could just ride down, do it and back to the car. My Dad and Jeff weren't up for a 7 mile climb that averaged 7.5% so they stayed on the foggy parkway. Ian and I headed down and had a great ride back up. Though at the top it was hard to see more then 10ft in front. Felt pretty hardcore though. Since it was way better at lower elevations we just decided to ride back down and to the hotel.

The following morning we headed out early to the race in Richmond. It was a bit slow at first, and sitting there for a several hours went by slowly. But luckily there was good company and a giant big screen to view the complete race on Libby Hill. As the race went on it got really exciting! What a finish! I haven't seen a reaction like that for any winter in a bike race. Of course it was like only the second or third bike race I've been to that I wasn't in. It was great to see my friend, and former teammate, Brent Bookwatler rock the front of the field the whole race and come in with a top 20.

Following the race we drove straight back to Indy! That was long drive and long night / early morning, only made worse by watching the Lions lose on Sunday Night Football in the back of the car. We didn't get back till 4 am. The next few days were long and no on Wednesday am I only starting to feel normal again!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

FasCat Camp.

I really wanted to write up a whole long blog on this one as it was a great week. But seeing that it is a week late I thought I'd better just get something up to show for it! 

The drive into FasCat on Thursday was a rude welcome compared to last weekends 70's and sun. We were a bit concerned with the weather forecast for the weekend, but were trying to stay positive and were hoping we would catch some nice windows for riding. But you really can't be surprised, I mean it is the Rockies!

I felt bad for my athlete Leon who was coming from Florida! I was hoping he owed enough warm weather gear!

Friday afternoon we spent at FasCat on the wahoo Kickrs and did a Lefthand / Lee Hill loop on them with video! Saturday it cleared out enough for us to head out Saturday morning. It wasn't looking good but 3 miles into the ride we saw the follow car on the side of the road and stopped and shelled off a bunch of clothing!

Leon not only came prepared for the weather but also do some climbing! From 80's, sun, and flat roads at sea level to snow, wet, cold and elevation. He got stronger each day and by the last day he was putting out the best numbers of the weekend!

We had a fantastic group this year! It seemed everyone enjoyed the snow on the mountains a bit. Of course having a follow car to add and subtract layers does make it nice. Thanks Nate and Allen for following us!

Here is Leon and I at the top of the Pinecrest climb on Saturday afternoon. At the top of this one we could easily see our breath!

The last day we did Flagstaff! One of the most famous climbs in all of Boulder.

Everyone was still smiles after we had accumulated over 10,000 ft of climbing, over 150 miles and 8 hours in two days of riding. Basically hitting every climb in the Boulder area. How did we celebrate after we rode up Flagstaff on Sunday? We rode up Sunshine to Poorman, of course!

Not pictured were some good moments as well. Such as watching Playoff Hockey, eating pizza and homemade salsa at Jason's house and then of course the mandatory trip to Reubens. Though Tucker mentioned some kind of dessert that I never got. I guess he owes me.

Breeze On!