Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A 40k for fun

Decided I wanted to do a 40k for fun. There is a monthly TT series held 15 miles down the road and I've always sort of wanted to do it. I typically do long sweet spot interval so thought a 40k falls right in line with that. I nearly did it last year Merckx style, but slept in instead.

This year I got it lined up a bit more and got a TT bike from the team to use two days before so know it was game on! I've raced as a pro for 8 years, but never once did a 40km time trial. I did one as a junior / u23 after already doing a 20km and just missed out on going under an hour.

Speaking of junior racing, this race started nice and early, just like those early days of racing. Had to get up well before the sun and watched the sun rise as I was registering. Heck the race was finished before the family even got up that Sunday morning!

The race went pretty well. I had an idea of what my FTP was and the power I wanted to hold. However without doing an actual FTP test I wasn't quite sure. Turns out I was a bit off. Luckily I rode off of feel a bit more as I was able to put out more power than I would have thought. Just had a really good day. It was hard, but never felt in the box. I was able to keep it nice and consistent through out the whole effort.

I ended up winning the TT, first time winning a TT since being U23, and also went under an hour. Since it was my first officially sub hour 40km TT I had to take the T-shirt. I also got a nice shiny medal. Madelyn loves trophies and I gave it to her after her Kindy 500 box car race. She was excited about that!

Madelyn in her race. She's number 63.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

FasCat Camp Day 3 and 4

So apparently winter / spring is not over in Boulder, CO yet. Woke up to day 3 and the conditions were 39 degrees and misting! So down right cold. We pushed the ride back a few hours hoping for better conditions. Luckily things did clear out and dry out. It didn't warm up, but at least we were able to stay dry. Lack of pictures mostly due to the fact of laziness and coldness.

The mountains were clouded in and we stuck to mostly flat roads for the day. We headed North and East. We did have a little fun with the short, very short ascent up Rabbit Mountain. Then headed back to town some of us adventured back up Sunshine for a few miles.

There should be some mountains back there

Descending the lower slopes of Sunshine. One of my favorites. Though I think they are all my favorites.

Sunday wasn't much better, but we were able to get out early before the chance of rain increased. We started in two groups. I took a group up Super Flag which was engulfed in fog and a cool 32 degrees at the top. We than descending and met up with the other group and did NCAR and headed towards the flats and kept adding in time as it was still dry. We ended up on Lefthand and then Old Stage. Tried to get a group to head up the front side of Lee Hill, but we were 3.5 hours and that was a no go. So we rolled back in. Luckily we did as we were 2 minutes out the lighting clashed and the thunder rolled! Perfect timing!

Overall it was a solid weekend of riding! We didn't get as much as we thought we may have, but that may not have been a bad thing. Everyone was sufficiently tired after the 3 hard days of riding. Not much to give by the end of it. Recovery time for everyone!

I made it back home in Indiana at 2 am. It was a long day!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

FasCat Camp Day 2

Not much sleep after day 1. A bit of jet leg with the time change, but mostly Frank's cat. He asked me to let the cat in before I went off to bed, but keep him out of the room. No worries! But come 3am the cat was clawing at the bedroom door for 20 minutes. Finally I let him in as cats don't bother me and he can just lay in the bed, on me, where ever. Only problem is, he did everything but lay down. He was in the blinds, the window sill, jumping up and down and all around the room. 20 minutes of that and I kicked him back out. Wasn't long after that however that I was pretty much.

Getting ready to start day 2. Weather was great from the start!

Some flats to begin the ride. 

Taking a photo with my athletes Adam and Jim. Glad they could come out and ride! Both of them rode really strong! Adam was at the back all day just full of smiles and taking it all in. Not use to these views in Raleigh, NC. 

Coffee shop stop in Estes. Could not pass up the brownie with peanut butter and marshmallows! 

A few video clips from the ride! 

Well today's ride might be a welcome to the mountains. Yeah the weather forecast said decent, but it is currently 41 degrees and misting.