Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas time is fast approaching. Luckily I finished my chirstmas shopping today, which by chance I also started today. I pretty much know what I need going in, and that leads to my success of my quickness in shopping. I try not to stray in ideas and use the Internet to get ideas of what and where I need to get things. I hope everyone enjoys their gifts!

So if your just curious to know where I will be come February 2nd through the 4th, I will be in the Bahamas. We have been invited to race the Tour of Bahamas which include a 5km time trial, a 100km circuit race, and a 165km circuit race to finish it off. So Im pretty excited to get some sun, and ride around in light weather gear. So the season is going to be getting off to an early start. It just so happens the week after is the infamous Schabable Road Race in Kentucky.

I know one present I am getting this year that will be coming from the brown santa clause (aka UPS man) in a few days and that is my new team bicycle. There is nothing like getting a new road bike. Its a Merlin CR 3/2.5 Works, which is a titanium compact frame bicycle. I've never owned a titanium bicycle and I keep hearing good things about them. Im really excited to get on it and put plenty of miles on it. I'll let you all know how it is.

Katie, Lucy and I are loading up the astro on Monday and heading up to Michigan. I'm going to go home and rock out some more with my father on the drums. Its going to be sweet. I've been practicing pretty consistently for the past month or so and think I have made some improvements. We will see what everyone thinks. Im also going to do some riding, so if anyone whats to ride, contact me and let me know. I think Im going to try to get a group together on one of the days. Here is a route that looks like fun. Route. For those who want to do more, Im sure I can arrange another loop to the east.

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Wisata Singapura said...

I have started using Instagram a little more recently, but it is still frustrating with the algorithm! Moving house is so exciting :)

Pakar SEO said...

I love how you still write and share about your day and experiences! You feel like such a real, nice, and humble person because of this!