Thursday, March 08, 2007

So whats the haps man? Im sure you all have been asking yourselfs that in curiosity to know what I have been doing or what has been going on. Well to tell you the truth, Not a whole heck of a lot. The weather has finally been getting close to normal which is making riding much more enjoyable and tollerable. Just ticking off the k's before camp which begins on the 20th. Looking foward to getting together with the team again and really begin to kick of the 2007 racing season.

This past weekend I again was helping out with the Marian college cycling team and drove them to race that didn't happen and another the following day that should have never happened. Both days woke up to snowy conditions. After the road race was not going to happen they waited around on Saturday kicking around the idea that they could do a time trial once the ice/snow melted off the road in the sub freezing conditions. Brilliant. Luckily a few hours later another snow squall came through which officially cancelled the race.

Well the next day woke up to snow covering the ground just as in yesterday and the race was in a High School parking lot basically in the middle of nowhere. So no word on a cancelled race, so we made the drive and show up to a snow/ice covered course with about 8 people out there witha mix of salt, shovels, and blowers. They were trying to treat half the course. The course is pretty short as is, maybe 800meters, now it was being reduced to a 400meter square. A few hour pasted again, and many had giving up and just left, but this time they decided they would race, if you call what was going on racing. The first few races went by with plenty of crashes and people getting lapped quickly so they were pulled. Well they ended up putting on all the races with only 25+ crashes in the same corner that had a mixture of ice/salt/wet pavement and luckily enough only one broken collorbone. You would have never gotten me out there, and out of the 4 racers we had 3 went down. Not good odds. But the promoter just had to have his race, even when the ambulance was on the course. He was warning racers to watch out, but keep racing, as he asked for the driver to pull up a bit further as he was attending to a rider. Some people need to think.

Im boring.

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