Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Tour de Georgia live on the internet is definitely a distraction and a horrible procrastination tool on my training. One good thing is the sun doesn't set till well after 8, so plenty of time to get some riding in.

This past weekend I tried my hand at another local event. I hadn't planned on racing at all, but after being on facebook the night before and seeing that a few of my friends where doing a race in the area I had to check into. Come to find out the race was just 20km away. So I rode on over in the morning to take part.

It was a pretty nice 1mile course with a small hill up to the finish. Nothing really exciting happened as I went off the front rather early and with my friend and local guy Adam Leibovitz on my wheel we made it all the way around to take the lap, even with the abundance of Nuvo riders in the field chasing. It was pretty awesome, and with a lap to go we rolled off the back and Adam took some glory in an awesome victory salute with no one else around. He is a strong and upcoming rider that I'm sure many of you will hear about soon enough. Come to find out he is only 17!! He also won a criterium the previous weekend as well.

Breeze On