Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Time to Racce

So I'm throwing myself back out there this weekend. I'm driving back up to the mother land for the Tour De Mount Pleasant. It looks like a really sweet event back in Michigan that is looking to be a top regional event. So myself and hopefully a few teammates will be there supporting the inaugural event and hopefully can come away with some stellar performances. So just an FYI for the field there will be no crashing aloud any where near me.

I've been back on the bike trying to find some fitness that I had before my accident and it seems to be taking it's sweet time. This should be the first real test considering I haven't done any thing that would cause me to pull on the bars hard i.e. climb hard out of saddle or sprinting. I have been able to get out and ride with my posse which has been helpful and they are always more then willing to attack me or make things harder on me. It didn't matter that I just broke my collorbone or that I just finished an interval they just saw those as opportunities to hit me while I was down. Thanks guys!

This past weekend I did a group ride in town that had options of a 11, 24, 42, or 65 mile routes. I have never seen so many riders at one ride around here. I believe anyone with a bike and a helmet in the area showed up. The best part of it was to see some younger guys, probably high school age, out on mountain bikes with flat pedals on the 45 mile route. I couldn't believe how far they were riding. I also some real youngings probably under 10 on the 24 mile route. It was pretty awesome to see people out enjoying themselves. Then there were some still riding after I completed the 65 and 42 mile routes! Talk about a long day for some.

So for my buddies back in Michigan I'm looking forward to getting back out there and seeing you guys. It should be a great weekend of racing. I haven't raced up there since last May and they always have a few really good races a year.

See you guys Saturday

Breeze On

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