Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back in the day when I was living the full dream and spending many many days on the road I remember watching Jon Wirsing riding the trainer late at night and thinking how I could never do that.

It was in 2007, we had just finished up team camp in Virgina, I headed home for a few days, but was quickly back out in Virginia training in nicer weather getting ready for the one and only US Open and Tour of Virginia. I was staying with our director on Rite Aid Jon Wirsing and his family. He and his family were so amazing and took great care of me while I was out there. Of course I wasn't alone as some of my other teammates were staying there as well.

Anyways one thing I remember very well is Jon leaving for work around 6am, of course before I was up, and returning around 4 or 5pm. Then it was off to a kid activity, which was followed by dinner, then a bit of family time before the kids went to bed. I would have slept in, ridden between 2-5hrs, ate lunch, and napped before he returned. After Jon finished all previous activities he would hop on the trainer around 8:30pm at night while watching tv with his wife and us. I thought to myself, "Man I could never do that." Chances are that I was in bed before him as well.

Well last night I was getting off the rollers around 10pm and I thought, "Man, here I am." I also wouldn't change a thing about it. I get to live at home, race my bike at big races, and more importantly spend more time with my wife and my daughter who is the best thing in my life. Now I can relate to what Jon was doing, how and why.

Breeze On

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Bill E said...

Welcome to reality, my man.