Friday, July 25, 2014

FasCat Athlete Update

Lots of action from my FasCat athletes lately.

Scott B. has been doing a great job. He won the Lodi criterium before heading off to Cascades to take part in the Cat 2 race. He placed in the top 10 in the Time Trial and followed that up two days later with a third place in the criterium. He is well on track for his bigger goals at Masters Nationals in September. Scott B is on a little bit of a rest before his last big build up for Nationals.

The winning podium for Scott! 

A solid 3rd place podium at the Cat 2 Cascade Criterium for Scott

Another rider who has been doing an outstanding job of late is John G. His podium streak is continuing. At the Salida Cat 3 TT he finished 2nd and then in the Masters 35 + Cat 3 road race in Salida he finished off in a strong 3rd place. John had the legs to win the race just needed to do things tactically different. Once you are strong enough to win races you have to learn how to win races. He has a few more chances this year.

Paul S. who is in his preparation for the cross season came away with a victory in a weekly off road race. His build is going very well. Paul is coming off a hard training camp up in the Northern Georgia mountains where he did 1300 TSS in 7 days! He had some much needed rest after that and is now responded very well to the training.

Another cross racer who is building for the cross season later this year is Sean B. He did a local mountain bike race for some good intensity training. He ended up finishing 3rd in his wave. This is without having done any race specific intervals or high intensity training yet. He will be doing that soon enough though as the cross season is approaching.

Dave B has begun his preparation for Masters Nationals TT. After building much of the early season on the TT bike for the State Championships he took a bit of break on the TT bike and now is back on it. He walked away two weekends ago with another double victory weekend, one in the 20km and one in the 40km.

Another rider who deserves a little praise is Michael N. He just got is Cat 3 upgrade and has been going through some growing pains. But he is hanging tough. He scored an awesome 8th place in the Cat 3 race at Salida and finished in the top half in the criterium which was held in adverse conditions. He would have had a good road race if he hadn't snapped his chain in the first 6 miles. Look for Michael to improve as the year goes on and he gains experience in the Cat 3 field.

It is another big weekend for my FasCat athletes. One event of note will be higher then any other as racers will be racing up Mt. Evans in Colorado this weekend. It is the one event I wanted to do when out there but won't be able to make it. Good luck to my athletes competing in the event. Look for updates next week.


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