Sunday, October 15, 2006

DOES ANYONE HAVE AN 8 SPEED SHIMANO STI SHIFTER they would like to sell to me?

Well not much going on here, just continuing to ride. Saturday I did my new cool route again with Jeff Carl. Man it is just a sweet ride that really can put the hurt on. Anyone intersted in riding it with me in two weekends? I need to get pictures, I forgot to take my camera this past time, but I will next time. I need to put more pictures up to make this blog more interesting.

I guess thats it for now.

Thanks for reading,
Breeze On


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Jasa Seo said...

Thanks for the post. I used this and reworked it as a quick way to delete a link that got pushed out to all my sites from Central Admin. You can see my post Jasa Seo