Thursday, November 30, 2006

I can't believe it, I've only been subbing for 6 days now and I'm already being typed casted. I'm about to embark into my 3rd day into a social studies class. It's ok because it isn't that bad, and plus tomorrow is only a half day. So far I haven't had any big issues and I just hope nobody ever gets to crazy.

So lucky for us I think we are going to miss this significant snow storm going around. It appears that it is going to skirt us to the west and north. I just don't think I'm ready to deal with snow, even though the temperatures are going to plummet. It's been in the sixties and doesn't appear that it is going to be getting out of the 30's for a while. So here we go the winter is about to truly begin, and Im not dreaming of a white Christmas.

Well I think its time to start racing again and why not this weekend. I'm going to jump into my first cross race of the season this Saturday down at the Velodrome. It's the annual night cyclocross race. So that means a good ride in the morning/afternoon followed by the festivities in the evening.

Ok I guess that's about it for now. The announcement on my team shall be made shortly so stay tuned.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sorry for the disapperance for a while, but I have some bad news. My Mimi (dads mother) passed away this thanksgiving. It was very sad, but she was able to pass on with the most of the family at her side. I will always remember her. Luckily my mother had a little Thanksgiving dinner a couple of weeks ago and I was able to make it up to see her and the family. She had a very good time and we talked for a while. I'll never forget how she use to say she would stick her cane in other riders bike if they tried to beat me. To bad she couldnt get the other 100 or so riders. I'll miss you mimi.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

I've officially entered the work force again, short of. Friday was my first day of subsitute teaching. I had to subsitute in a 5th grade class. I have to admit I pretty much had no idea what to do seeing as it was my first day and all, but everything ran rather smoothly and I have a few more days of subsituting already lined up.

Once I wrote my name on the board, the kids instanly asked if they could just call me Mr. R. and of course I agreed that was a good idea. Even when one of the teachers aids came in for a bit and the kids told her I was Mr. R. she looked at the board and agreed. I haven't really been around kids that often and this was the first time in a while and they do and say alot of interesting things. Take this one kid for instance who told me he as getting a hair cut in exactly 5hrs after looking at his new pocket watch, which so happen to be the same kid that was wicked excited about how is pen wrote in pink.

So, so far it seems like a pretty good job with getting out early enough to get some riding in and its not everyday, and no weekends. Its a pretty sweet gig for the offseason. I have my next job tomorrow at the high school filling in for a music teacher. Maybe I should tell them I play the drums, or at least pretend like I know how. I am learning though.

Did some decent riding over the weekend I guess. Sunday wasn't that great actually as it rained early in the day and cleared for a moment and that is when I decided to go out, but at soon after getting out the skyes darkened again and started to sleet. Not the nicest weather. This week is suppose to be pretty nice which is sweet.

Im getting pretty sick of the Lions loosing. I keep saying they should win because they have been playing bad teams, but I think Im finally coming to the realization that maybe that to are not a good team, of course there record shows. I just hope they have a great game on thursday because it has turned out to be my favorite game of the entire year. Its basically their only national televised game and I get pumped for it.

To bad Michigan lost to Ohio State. That sucks, they did keep it close though and kept fighting. I can't believe the big plays they gave up which completely killed them. Cleary Ohio State and Michigan are the best teams in the country. The way I feel about the situtation is that the National Championship game is ment for the best and second best team in the country to compete for the championship and that would be Ohio State and Michigan. Basically the game this past weekend was the national championship that Ohio State got home field advantage for. I would love to see a rematch for the National Championship on a nuetral site, but it seems like nobody will let that happen, even though in theory it should. But it all doesnt matter because in a month and half when the teams will meet it truly wont be the same teams with that much time off.

Ok I better be getting ready for school tomorrow. The high school starts early at 7:20 so I better go to bed in a few minutes. I have to get in the music mind set.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Look at this two post in the same week. Once again I think Im going to try to keep up with this blogging thing. I am continuing my work on the revamping of and it shall be up in and running in a week or so. I want to make sure everything is going to be working properly.

Yesterday I went for a little spin with Swain to recon the Depauw Road Course. Even though I will not be racing it, and we have raced raced it twice before, it was nice to get out to an old race course. Its a pretty sweet loop around Heritage Lake without any stops or turns, it has some gental rollers, and the pavement is reletively smooth. It's a good place to go out and do intervals, when that time comes. We did happen to see a group of riders heading the other way on our way in who asked us to join them, but seeing as it was almost dark we decided it was safer to just get home before dark. So whoever you are maybe next time.

Apparently Marian is really expecting to develop their cycling program. Check it out here: Indoor Cycling Training Center.

It all seems very cool, and I bet at a place like Lees Mcrae it could be awesome since they already have the foundation of a great cycling program. Marian has two types of riders as I see it right now. Those who are good, but really rather do their own thing, and those who dont even care about training and just like the scholorship. Maybe this new facility, if really ever built will bring in the riders. Its a great place for a cycling school with the velodrome right across the street and all, but the way I see the program right now it is heading for a wall. Maybe things will chance by next year with some new riders that will fit into Marian colleges little moled of a perfect student. No such thing.

I could keep going on this forever, but i will save it for another blog another time. I hardly scratched the surfice on this one. Some may ask why I even care I graduated and am moved on. I care because I think collegiate cycling is a good thing and can be even better, but with the inside info I have on Marian I see a once great school for cycling being one without a team at all. Its a darn shame.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The offseason is pretty boring. Not much to write about. Let me see if I can give a quick run down of whats been going on.

I got a powertap the other day to help with my training so I could be like Floyd (without the suspicion). But then while riding it the other day the hub froze and the wheel stopped spinning in the middle of a ride. Not only was the powertap broke, but in the process the axel tore into the dropouts of the bike and ruined the frame. Great! So now I am in the process of taking care of that.

This past weekend I went back up to Michigan to spend sometime with the family. I left Indy at about 3pm and it was 72. When I arrived in Michigan it was 37 and raining and before I knew it, it was sleeting and a thunderstorm. Craptacular. While up there we had a prethanksgiving feast which was made by my mother and was fabulous. I ate so much.

I recieved my substitute teaching certificate in the mail the other day, so now I am ceritified to substitute teach. I have a meeting on thursday to go over the handbook and then they will be free to call me when they need someone. Im pretty excited to get started with this. I will be subbing for grades 5-8.

A few more exciting things have happened in the past few days, but I can not talk about them right now. But let me just say I am very excited about them. As soon as I can let you know I will. So be sure to check back. I am also fixing my website so that will be down for a while. I had to switch many things, but it will be up and running again soon enough. Better then before and with more updates.

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