Monday, November 20, 2006

I've officially entered the work force again, short of. Friday was my first day of subsitute teaching. I had to subsitute in a 5th grade class. I have to admit I pretty much had no idea what to do seeing as it was my first day and all, but everything ran rather smoothly and I have a few more days of subsituting already lined up.

Once I wrote my name on the board, the kids instanly asked if they could just call me Mr. R. and of course I agreed that was a good idea. Even when one of the teachers aids came in for a bit and the kids told her I was Mr. R. she looked at the board and agreed. I haven't really been around kids that often and this was the first time in a while and they do and say alot of interesting things. Take this one kid for instance who told me he as getting a hair cut in exactly 5hrs after looking at his new pocket watch, which so happen to be the same kid that was wicked excited about how is pen wrote in pink.

So, so far it seems like a pretty good job with getting out early enough to get some riding in and its not everyday, and no weekends. Its a pretty sweet gig for the offseason. I have my next job tomorrow at the high school filling in for a music teacher. Maybe I should tell them I play the drums, or at least pretend like I know how. I am learning though.

Did some decent riding over the weekend I guess. Sunday wasn't that great actually as it rained early in the day and cleared for a moment and that is when I decided to go out, but at soon after getting out the skyes darkened again and started to sleet. Not the nicest weather. This week is suppose to be pretty nice which is sweet.

Im getting pretty sick of the Lions loosing. I keep saying they should win because they have been playing bad teams, but I think Im finally coming to the realization that maybe that to are not a good team, of course there record shows. I just hope they have a great game on thursday because it has turned out to be my favorite game of the entire year. Its basically their only national televised game and I get pumped for it.

To bad Michigan lost to Ohio State. That sucks, they did keep it close though and kept fighting. I can't believe the big plays they gave up which completely killed them. Cleary Ohio State and Michigan are the best teams in the country. The way I feel about the situtation is that the National Championship game is ment for the best and second best team in the country to compete for the championship and that would be Ohio State and Michigan. Basically the game this past weekend was the national championship that Ohio State got home field advantage for. I would love to see a rematch for the National Championship on a nuetral site, but it seems like nobody will let that happen, even though in theory it should. But it all doesnt matter because in a month and half when the teams will meet it truly wont be the same teams with that much time off.

Ok I better be getting ready for school tomorrow. The high school starts early at 7:20 so I better go to bed in a few minutes. I have to get in the music mind set.

Thanks for reading,
Breeze On


Anonymous said...

Did the kids call you "mr R" cos your writing was too messy?!

Anonymous said...

Next time you're in MI you can sub for my Physics/Chemistry class. I'm sure you'd do great.

Any chance you'll be coming into town to show the A racers how to race cross?

Brent Bookwalter said...

Lucky. the sub teacher thing sounds like a sweet gig. maybe i should look into that. off season $$$ sure would be nice. what are you gonna buy me???

frank said...

the lions still suck jake. but so do the packers. it could get ugly in a national way tonight. are you going to be watching? that sounds like a good situation w/substituting. mold those kids into good little boys and girls and if you can't do it with words bust out the yardstick and start swinging.

Anonymous said...

Oi! Last blog you bragged about 2 posts in a week, now i haven't seen one in over a week! Also, i reckon you should jump ship to the Steelers!

Breezer said...

i dont have to bust out the yard stick, I just have to bust out the elbow and there is total silence.

there is no way i would switch to the steelers, if anything, go Colts!

brent you present is in the mail

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