Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Look at this two post in the same week. Once again I think Im going to try to keep up with this blogging thing. I am continuing my work on the revamping of and it shall be up in and running in a week or so. I want to make sure everything is going to be working properly.

Yesterday I went for a little spin with Swain to recon the Depauw Road Course. Even though I will not be racing it, and we have raced raced it twice before, it was nice to get out to an old race course. Its a pretty sweet loop around Heritage Lake without any stops or turns, it has some gental rollers, and the pavement is reletively smooth. It's a good place to go out and do intervals, when that time comes. We did happen to see a group of riders heading the other way on our way in who asked us to join them, but seeing as it was almost dark we decided it was safer to just get home before dark. So whoever you are maybe next time.

Apparently Marian is really expecting to develop their cycling program. Check it out here: Indoor Cycling Training Center.

It all seems very cool, and I bet at a place like Lees Mcrae it could be awesome since they already have the foundation of a great cycling program. Marian has two types of riders as I see it right now. Those who are good, but really rather do their own thing, and those who dont even care about training and just like the scholorship. Maybe this new facility, if really ever built will bring in the riders. Its a great place for a cycling school with the velodrome right across the street and all, but the way I see the program right now it is heading for a wall. Maybe things will chance by next year with some new riders that will fit into Marian colleges little moled of a perfect student. No such thing.

I could keep going on this forever, but i will save it for another blog another time. I hardly scratched the surfice on this one. Some may ask why I even care I graduated and am moved on. I care because I think collegiate cycling is a good thing and can be even better, but with the inside info I have on Marian I see a once great school for cycling being one without a team at all. Its a darn shame.

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