Monday, November 13, 2006

The offseason is pretty boring. Not much to write about. Let me see if I can give a quick run down of whats been going on.

I got a powertap the other day to help with my training so I could be like Floyd (without the suspicion). But then while riding it the other day the hub froze and the wheel stopped spinning in the middle of a ride. Not only was the powertap broke, but in the process the axel tore into the dropouts of the bike and ruined the frame. Great! So now I am in the process of taking care of that.

This past weekend I went back up to Michigan to spend sometime with the family. I left Indy at about 3pm and it was 72. When I arrived in Michigan it was 37 and raining and before I knew it, it was sleeting and a thunderstorm. Craptacular. While up there we had a prethanksgiving feast which was made by my mother and was fabulous. I ate so much.

I recieved my substitute teaching certificate in the mail the other day, so now I am ceritified to substitute teach. I have a meeting on thursday to go over the handbook and then they will be free to call me when they need someone. Im pretty excited to get started with this. I will be subbing for grades 5-8.

A few more exciting things have happened in the past few days, but I can not talk about them right now. But let me just say I am very excited about them. As soon as I can let you know I will. So be sure to check back. I am also fixing my website so that will be down for a while. I had to switch many things, but it will be up and running again soon enough. Better then before and with more updates.

Thanks for reading
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