Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here was last weeks favorite ride. I call it my Big Hurricane Hill Route. I head south into the hills from the apartment and use what I refer to as the Western Ridge. It falls West of highway 37&67 and isn't that far south, ense the western ridge. There are some nice roads and like most of the area south of Indiana, you really are in the back country. Here is an image from Google Earth of one of the harder sections which finishes at 40km into the ride. It is a 7km stretch, with 3 decent sizes climbs. (decent for where I am)

Here is an elevation chart for those who are interested in that type of thing. Not to bad for being in Indiana.

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Christmas time is fast approaching. Luckily I finished my chirstmas shopping today, which by chance I also started today. I pretty much know what I need going in, and that leads to my success of my quickness in shopping. I try not to stray in ideas and use the Internet to get ideas of what and where I need to get things. I hope everyone enjoys their gifts!

So if your just curious to know where I will be come February 2nd through the 4th, I will be in the Bahamas. We have been invited to race the Tour of Bahamas which include a 5km time trial, a 100km circuit race, and a 165km circuit race to finish it off. So Im pretty excited to get some sun, and ride around in light weather gear. So the season is going to be getting off to an early start. It just so happens the week after is the infamous Schabable Road Race in Kentucky.

I know one present I am getting this year that will be coming from the brown santa clause (aka UPS man) in a few days and that is my new team bicycle. There is nothing like getting a new road bike. Its a Merlin CR 3/2.5 Works, which is a titanium compact frame bicycle. I've never owned a titanium bicycle and I keep hearing good things about them. Im really excited to get on it and put plenty of miles on it. I'll let you all know how it is.

Katie, Lucy and I are loading up the astro on Monday and heading up to Michigan. I'm going to go home and rock out some more with my father on the drums. Its going to be sweet. I've been practicing pretty consistently for the past month or so and think I have made some improvements. We will see what everyone thinks. Im also going to do some riding, so if anyone whats to ride, contact me and let me know. I think Im going to try to get a group together on one of the days. Here is a route that looks like fun. Route. For those who want to do more, Im sure I can arrange another loop to the east.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's almost been a hiatus from the blogging world, but not quite. I have the same good reason for not blogging as everyone else, its been way to nice this week to sit in front of the computer for extend amounts of time, plus I've had to teach. Well of course if you can call what I have been doing the past few days teaching.

Let's see a couple of days ago I subbed for another chorus class, but this time instead of them singing, I played a movie. We watched Olive the other reindeer. It really wasn't that bad of a movie, of course I never caught the end and I had to see the same part 6 times in a row. Then of course the next day started of the same with a movie and only seeing the first 45 minutes, but this time I caught the end by watching during lunch. I had to finish it, or it would have killed me.

Tonight we had Christmas at Katie's grandpas and I really like getting together with family. I even got a stocking from her grandpa with out officially being part of the family yet. They all have been so great of excepting me already, which is an awesome thing.

So I guess other then that I've got some nice rides in this week with the beautiful weather we have been having. Basically all it is, is a tease, because soon enough, wham its going to be -30. So I'm bracing myself.

So that's its for now. For those who are traveling over this holiday season be safe.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here is this weeks "Ride of the Week"

Heard of these mountain bike trails near my appartment, never really checked them out to this week. Are they not only close as in less then a minute to ride across the field, but they are pretty sweet. I thought they would be pretty lame but there are plenty of cool obstacles and ups and downs, and other things that make mountain bike trails cool. Well as cool as they could be in the midwest. Here are some photos from the trail.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Check out these picks of my new teammate. I think he may have some potential.
He is the one to the right of Petacchi finishing 5th in the last stage of the Giro in 04

how bout this finishing second to zabel in a 1.1 in Germany.

Along with Alejandro Barrajo and the rest of my new teammates should be an exciting year.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I was just waiting for the news to hit cyclingnews.

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Two words: Tator Tots. Thats right the benefits of substitute teaching include sweet cafeteria food, such as todays todays Tator tots. Definitely a favorite. They also had Domino's Pizza, which I guess is a special because all of my kids could not believe I didn't get the pizza. I tried to explain to them that I, unlike them, could get dominos any time I wanted because believe it or not I'm a grown up. So the teaching gig is still going real well. No big problems yet.

Well got my car fixed, new headlight, fixed my muffler, its my birthday. (Gieko commercial) I couldn't get it out of my head today as I did all of that, and not to mention it really was my birthday.

Thanks everyone of the wishes and cards. Katie even took me to get Chinese, even though she doesn't like it at all. I love it and dont get it that often since she doesn't like it so much. She also got me a sweet Nintendo DS, so if your ever on-line and are looking for someone to play let me know and im up for throwing down.

So the word is officially out about what I will be doing in the upcoming season racing with the Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team. I am very excited about the upcoming year and the opportunities this provides me with. We have a solid team and watch out for us this upcoming season. I'm very happy they have given me the opportunity to race with them. Check out my schedule page for a tentative schedule. I can't wait to get back at and see all my racing buds. See you all soon.

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Rite Aid Pro Cycling for 2007

The Rite Aid Pro Cycling team has strengthened it's team for 2007, signing is Alejandro Barrajo, a rider from the Miche team, who garnered seven top ten finishes in the 2004 Giro d' Italia, including a third place to Alessandro Petacchi in stage 6, and also took second place to Eric Zabel in the 2005 Rund um den Henniger Turm. The Argentinian's most recent result was a win in the 2006 South American Road Championship this past November.

New signings
Sebastian Alexander (Colavita)
Ian Ayers (Colavita)
Jake Rytlewski (Priority Health)
Mike Norton (NERAC/, in stage races and tough one day races. From
Bill Elliston (Target Training)
Stephan Kincaid (Meredith Group)
Clayton Barrows

Brad Viera
Ryan DeWald and
Josh Taylor.