Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two words: Tator Tots. Thats right the benefits of substitute teaching include sweet cafeteria food, such as todays todays Tator tots. Definitely a favorite. They also had Domino's Pizza, which I guess is a special because all of my kids could not believe I didn't get the pizza. I tried to explain to them that I, unlike them, could get dominos any time I wanted because believe it or not I'm a grown up. So the teaching gig is still going real well. No big problems yet.

Well got my car fixed, new headlight, fixed my muffler, its my birthday. (Gieko commercial) I couldn't get it out of my head today as I did all of that, and not to mention it really was my birthday.

Thanks everyone of the wishes and cards. Katie even took me to get Chinese, even though she doesn't like it at all. I love it and dont get it that often since she doesn't like it so much. She also got me a sweet Nintendo DS, so if your ever on-line and are looking for someone to play let me know and im up for throwing down.

So the word is officially out about what I will be doing in the upcoming season racing with the Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team. I am very excited about the upcoming year and the opportunities this provides me with. We have a solid team and watch out for us this upcoming season. I'm very happy they have given me the opportunity to race with them. Check out my schedule page for a tentative schedule. I can't wait to get back at and see all my racing buds. See you all soon.

Thanks for reading,
Breeze On


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