Saturday, January 27, 2007

Back from camp. Ok I've been back for a few days, but the Internet that the neighbors are so kindly providing had been out for a while. So how was camp? Well I had a ton of fun at camp, and think its going to a be not only a great year of racing, but also a fun year. Everyone seems very enthusiastic, energized and ready to go. Instead of righting everything out day by day just check out what one of my teammates posted on his sight. There should be enough information to fill you in. Check out Ian Ayers.

Next weekend I'll be racing in the Bahamas. Hopefully it isn't to painful. I think I should be able to get by. So as I was watching the Colts win last weekend I remembered that I will have to watch the Superbowl from there. Of all the weeks in winter to be in the Bahamas it has to be during the Superbowl, and in the game is the Colts. Oh well, I think I'll be ok.

Winter is coming. Not to excited about that. Tomorrow is suppose to hit 20, maybe. Yikes! Ok as I see it I only need to get through February and March shouldn't be to bad. I'm really looking forward to getting to a full racing schedule starting in April, especially with the Tour of Virginia. I've saw the write up on the 2007 version and it sounds killer. Lots of climbing, which should be good for me and a few of my teammates. Hopefully we will tear it up. Still tossing up the idea of Schabobele. Hmmm, already have a toaster, but couldn't hurt to have another, thats if I win. It is a sweet course, great for training, but painful. That makes it sound Good. Maybe I will go, maybe I won't. Who knows.

One last thing. Like I promised here is a picture of my new sweat team bike. I will also be getting brand new dura ace parts before the season, so that will be like getting another new bike.

Thanks for reading
Breeze On!

ps. I also received my time trial bike, which is really cool. Pictures coming soon.


jbhancock said...

Awesome bike but I notice a certain lack of spoke protector. You know you should probably get one of those.

Also I need a 12/15 Dura Ace cassette. Preferably not one with 16,000 miles on it, or however many miles you put on them. Any suggestions?

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