Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not much to talk about regarding cycling for myself when its January. That is apparent in my blog updating. Really not much of anything to talk about all, or anything that would be to interesting, but let me try to give a quick run down.

Tomorrow Im loading up the astro van and heading to the east coast for the first get together of the Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team. This will be the first time for me meeting everyone. I'm looking forward to getting together with my new compadres doing some riding, and meeting a few sponsors. There even is a party of some sort Saturday night. I will let you know how the weekend goes and I'll be sure to get photos. So check back soon.

As for training of the upcoming season, I guess I cant really complain yet. I've been getting some nice training in, maybe a bit less consistent then I would hope for, but I'm very happy with I am feeling. My first race is only 2 weekends away in the Bahamas. I should be ok for that, but my next race really isn't till the US Open in April. I'll have plenty of training rides between now and then. Also one good thing about this season is that it hasn't snowed yet! I hope I didnt jinx it. It has been a bit bitter lately, but ridable without the snow on the ground. I dont enjoy dashing through the snow, sliding all the way.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots to earn the right to play in the Superbowl this weekend. What a show down this will be. I'm really excited and hope, my new home team can take a trip to the Superbowl. Also I what Manning to finally make it to the big game so everyone can get off his back. But just to clarify my favorite team is and always will be the Detroit Lions.

Last thing for the night. The team is selling some things off early this year. I dont know why or what for, but here are a few options and if interested let me know and we will hook you up. First of all are some sweet wheels. They are Real Design SuperSphere wheels. The team is selling them for $300 a pair. Next is the same frame/fork that our team will be riding of the upcoming season. It is the Merlin Works CR. They are brand new and have the 2006 decals on them. They are selling them for $1750. Right now I believe they have all sizes available. If anyone is interested let me know and tell you who to get a hold of.

Ok I guess thats it for now.

Thanks for reading
Breeze On

ps. picture of my bike coming soon. thanks for asking tommy