Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ok I wont argue that it is time for a new post.

Thats right Scott I went from snow to the Bahamas back to snow. I really dont like to spoil myself to much by riding when it is actually enjoyable to be outside. But due to the bad weather I did not take the time or spend the money to do schabobele. Some may call me a softy or a wuss, but the money and time it would have taken to do a 45 mile race with 6 people just didnt seem worth it to me. Some maybe into that kind of thing, but I'm not.

So I've finally been able to get a few days in row of riding outside in, and it feels good. The rollers are great and all, don't get me wrong, but a man can only take so much of that. Now its back to some collegiate racing for me this weekend. Thats right I will be at the Ohio State races this weekend, so be prepared.

More news to report. Katie and I decided to get Lucy a new toy so she wouldn't spend so much time staring at shadows and light on the walls. We ended up getting her a beagle. We figured if we have one dog, why not have two. Then I firgured out why, because of training a dog not to chew on everything and relieving himself practically everywhere. Ok its not that bad now, at least Max (by the way his name is Max) has figured to sit at the door when he wants out. He is one of the cutest dogs ever. What do you think.

Maybe I should post a picture of him before his eye popped out of the socket.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


It's only two days away and I can't decide. Weather is going to be real cold and they, like us, just recieved a good amount of snow. Never use to stop me before, but now for some reason I dont know. Is anyone going? Don't really want to make the drive alone. Will be easier to get a good weekend of riding in by doing it.

Picture on the left is from my first victory of the 2005 season, and I believe the first to recieve the convinent toaster. I broke away solo pretty much right from the beginning. On the right was from 2003 when I went down to do the race, but it was cancelled, but I rode it anyways. I showed up the following week and took second after being in the break all day. Come to think of it I have never down a lap with more then 3 people there.

Less then two days to decide, 19 hrs till race time. Who's going?

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's February 7th, there is a fresh 6 inches of snow on the ground outside my window and I have already completed my first race weekend. Friday afternoon I jumped on a plane and met up with a few of the guys from the team in the Bahamas, and raced over the weekend before heading home early monday morning. It was a quick weekend not only in time, but also in the races.

Saturday morning was the 3 mile time trial. So we rode down the coast line out to the tt course. I didnt have any of my time trial equipment and I road my standard stuff and just road it like I was doing an interval. It went ok, and I felt pretty good for making that kind of effort. I finished 28th, 40 seconds down, so you know whatever.

Ride to the time trial. Notice how you ride (drive) on the left side.

So after another trip up the coast line to the hotel for some lunch, a quick nap, (or for some a trip to the pool and water slide) it was time to make the 30 minute trip back down the coast line to the start of the circuit race. It was a pretty awesome race, except for the center line rule. It was a fast race with attack after attack after counter. It really never slowed down at all. The six of us rode really well and covered just about every significant move of the day, and even threw out our own counters. Mike was able to get into the last move of the day that caught just at the end of the race that ended up in a field sprint. It was really chaos and we didnt get to organized at the end, but that will come the more we ride together.

Another quick ride up the coast line before dark after the circuit race.

So the next morning we made the trek down the coast line once again to the start of the 103 mile road race. Which would be the same distance we put in the day before with all the racing/riding to the races. It was a bit windy out and a flat course would make this race interesting.

The team before the start of the race behind the rented team car.

The race tactics were the same from the day before in that just be aggressive and dont miss the moves. It went pretty much the same way as the day before just not as fast. It did settle as two guys went up the road and AEG Toshiba took control for the first sprint of the day. They wound it up from pretty far out and we blast into the first sprint of the day on lap 2 of 6. Every time after that the race would heat up in the cross wind by the airport. Unfortunately one time through I punctured as the race was splitting up. I got on the car and back up the the field luckily, as a few were going out the back.

The next lap is when the field made the final race selections. The moves were going and Ian was able to cover them and make the group. Then Mike was able to go with a few others to make it across. As the group of 20 or so was going up the road the peleton seemed to have lost complete interest in the race. A few amateur racers started to up the road and I decided, what the heck and went with them. I ended up passing them all and going most of the way alone to make it back to the front group.

So the three of us were in the front group, which was pretty decent for the numbers in the front. Mike and I did what I thought was a good ride by covering moves and keeping good position. But once again this race was going down to the field sprint. I was able to keep it up front before the sprint after following Mike there and ended up 4th. I left it a bit late, in fear of making the move to early, but I was happy with my result and with the way the team rode over the two days. And lets not forget about the great support from Jon in the car and in my head through the radio.

The sprint for the line. Maybe if I actually looked to see where the finish line was it would help.

So one last time up the coast line to the hotel would finish off the long weekend of riding. Then I had dinner with Brent, his Dad and steppmon, along with there friends. Others decided to go back to the pool, chase some tail, and head out to bar in town. Going out with Brent was awesome because we went to some local places outside of town. A quick stop to a bar, then to a little restaurant on the coast. This was much better then the Sparros the night before next to the hotel. Thanks for dinner and of course the ice cream back at the hotel.

Ummm so that was a pretty bland and boring report. But some might like to know what it was like. I'll try to be more creative in the future. I have to get on the rollers now. I can't wait for summer.

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