Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ok I wont argue that it is time for a new post.

Thats right Scott I went from snow to the Bahamas back to snow. I really dont like to spoil myself to much by riding when it is actually enjoyable to be outside. But due to the bad weather I did not take the time or spend the money to do schabobele. Some may call me a softy or a wuss, but the money and time it would have taken to do a 45 mile race with 6 people just didnt seem worth it to me. Some maybe into that kind of thing, but I'm not.

So I've finally been able to get a few days in row of riding outside in, and it feels good. The rollers are great and all, don't get me wrong, but a man can only take so much of that. Now its back to some collegiate racing for me this weekend. Thats right I will be at the Ohio State races this weekend, so be prepared.

More news to report. Katie and I decided to get Lucy a new toy so she wouldn't spend so much time staring at shadows and light on the walls. We ended up getting her a beagle. We figured if we have one dog, why not have two. Then I firgured out why, because of training a dog not to chew on everything and relieving himself practically everywhere. Ok its not that bad now, at least Max (by the way his name is Max) has figured to sit at the door when he wants out. He is one of the cutest dogs ever. What do you think.

Maybe I should post a picture of him before his eye popped out of the socket.

Thanks for reading
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