Thursday, February 08, 2007


It's only two days away and I can't decide. Weather is going to be real cold and they, like us, just recieved a good amount of snow. Never use to stop me before, but now for some reason I dont know. Is anyone going? Don't really want to make the drive alone. Will be easier to get a good weekend of riding in by doing it.

Picture on the left is from my first victory of the 2005 season, and I believe the first to recieve the convinent toaster. I broke away solo pretty much right from the beginning. On the right was from 2003 when I went down to do the race, but it was cancelled, but I rode it anyways. I showed up the following week and took second after being in the break all day. Come to think of it I have never down a lap with more then 3 people there.

Less then two days to decide, 19 hrs till race time. Who's going?

Thanks for reading
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