Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ok nothing to really report on, but I don't want to leave everyone hanging a long time without an update.

Camp offically ended tuesday morning as most of us headed our seprate ways, and the rest of us heading to Jon Wirsings house. Actually I think almost half of us did. That Jon is one likey guy. He gets to house Alejandro, Guido both of who don't speak that much english, Sebastion, Mike Norton, and myself. It is quite the crew who have taken over the upstairs.

The past few days of training have been pretty laxed, a time to recover after camp, and today was the first day I was able to get back going again and hopefully I'll get some more nice days in the next few days, to prepare for the US Open in Richmond. I'm feeling really good about my fitness going into the race, its all the other racers fitness that I'm worried about. The first "real" race of the year is always a little nerve racking going in, but I think not only am I ready, but I think the team is ready to turn some heads.

So for the next 24 hours I going to feel like a superstar. Tonight we have the local NBC station coming to interview us and take some video for the news. Then tomorrow the Richmond paper is coming to take some photos and do a write up about the team. All this is coming out just before the US Open Championships in Richmond. Which you can catch on NBC Saturday April 7th from 2:30 to 4:30.

I guess thats it for now. I wondering if Karen is going to be making us another fabulous dinner? Hopefully. I like to watch Jon plug away on the trainer on a full stomach. The guy does it all.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

I hate to over due the amount of updates, but enjoy them when they happen. I guess it won't be to bad as long as there not boring. I really just wanted to post some cool photos from todays ride up to the parkway.

This is one great road for riding. Super smooth, up and down, and the scenery is unreal. Unfortunately it cost $8 per rider to ride on it.

So we had to turn around and ride on this road. It wasn't as smooth, but it was a great climb. Over 1,000 feet of climb in a few miles.

Unfortunately it took us up to the parkway and you aren't allowed to ride on it without paying. Don't worry we were responsible.

From this picture you can see the parkway road towards the top of the mountain, and the rode we road up below it.

I happened to get to the top first and rolled down a bit to meet up the other boys and on the way back up, and of course right at the top I put a good size rip in my tire. Luckily Bill was there and had some lining for the tire, which he gratefully applied. Thanks buddy.

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TRAINING CAMP DAY 5( I think) Jeff Cup

Yesterday morning the team took part in a local race just south of Charlottesville. It was a good day to get some hard riding in, while working on team work, and of course at the end of the day coming home with a victory.

It was a pretty neat course with plenty of ups and downs. The field was full of local riders and of course the Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team, I believe around 120 in total. Are day started off pretty well with our guys covering the moves going off the front, because there were plenty of those. Things did almost turn out disastrous when Stephen punctured towards the end of the first lap and we sent back Ryan, Bill, and Clayton to help pace him back up. The thing that hurt the most was that it was neutral support, so we all know how time consuming those changes can be. I believe they spent the next 2 laps off the back charging hard to get back on, as the rest of us tried to control the pace at the front. With a valet effort they were able to make there way back into the field.

That lap is when we decided to see what we could do. Jon called up for Alejandro to "stretch" his legs on the climb and give it a go, and of course have me follow. I had no idea how hard he could go or what he was about to do. All I knew is that it was going to be interesting. Well he hit it hard, but not ballistic, and we still able to get away and start throttling it to get a gap. Well unfortunately that wouldn't happen on this lap, neither on the next lap when Ian, and I gave it a go, but third time was the charm.

Alejandro, Ian and I were able to get going up the rode with a few other guys and just try to open an initial gap. A few guys popped and after a couple of more hard efforts it was just down to Alejandro, a LSV guy and myself, with a hovering 30 second gap. Alejandro and I continued to work hard, and I tried to do a bit more myself to save Alejandro for the sprint, even though I knew he didn't need it to win. I mean top 10's in the Giro, to Jeff Cup, shouldn't be to hard, but we better make sure.

Well the field was closing quickly and I had to take over the front from inside the last 3km to bury myself to get Alejandro to the 200 meter line. The last 2km was a slight uphill drag that tore me up, but I had to keep it going. I stood up to give it one last jump just in sight of the 200meter line and as soon as we hit it Alejandro went and about 10 seconds later Sebastian (from our team) went by at the front of the field, after getting the perfectly executed and timed leadout. Alejandro had opened quite a few bike lengths early on the LSV guy and looked to be coasting the last 50 meters while I was getting passed by the whole field inside 150meters. It would have been a cool thing to see on video, like one of those tour stages where your asking yourself, are they going to make it?

So the first race of the year as a whole team turned out well and we accomplished our goals on the day, which is a good feeling. We have much bigger races coming up, so hopefully we can do much of the same. We have a lot of talent, alot of desire, and a lot of commrodery which could make this a fantastic season.

Here's a few pictures of us after the race.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

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For more photos go to:

Today we entered the 4th day of camp, and it is a bit of down low day with a race coming up tomorrow. After doing a good amount of riding in the past few days with some full throttled moments we decided to have a bit of an easier go at it and save some for tomorrows throw down.

Yesterday's ride was a recon of Stage 7 of the Tour of Virginia run out of Charolettsville. It is an up and down sort of ride, with no climbs longer then 4 minutes. Along the route we decided to do some lead out practice for our ace in the hole Alejandro. I don't want to give to much away on the riding of the team, but look out we have it down to a science, of course I didn't say what level of science whether it be at the elementary or college level, but either way watch out for the Rite Aid train coming to a race near you.

That night we got treated for sure. First it was dinner in downtown Charlottesville at this awesome French restaurant run by one of Ians good friends. Not only was the food exceptional the prices were phenomenal as in on the house. Really a special thanks goes out. On the menu for us was bread, salad, oysters, clams, mussells, chicken, steak, fries, vegetables, duck, and ice cream for dessert.

Later that night was a little shindig at the warehouse of The Happy Rickshaw run by Ian and his friend Christophe. After a 3 block walk turned into what felt like a few mile jaunt through Charlottlesville we arrived at the warehouse. I'm sure that the party was plenty of fun but I was clearly to tired to really enjoy it and we split before the real action took place. Thanks again Ian.

Now its nap time before another fabulous dinner made by Karen who's been treating us with her awesome culinary skills. I never knew that you could ride so much at training camp and be able to put weight on at the same time. At least we will be plenty fueled for Jeff Cup tomorrow. There will be no bonking.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Phew! Time for a recovery week and just in time to for the nice weather to leave, the partying to begin this weekend, and training camp starting next wednesday. I can't wait to get back out riding with boys and especially racing. It has been since Tour of Bahamas that I have seen anyone, heck actually riding with anyone for that matter. Its been some lone lonely miles since then. I dont really like to post numbers because they dont matter the only thing that matters is how you perform in a race, but the last 3 1/2 weeks have included plenty of days between 3500kj-4500kj with 200tss+ with a few days over 5000kj and 300tss.

So with that good training hopefully it will really get me reading for some very important races we have coming up in the next month. There should be Jefferson Cup, US Open Championships (if happens) and of course Tour of Virginia. Plus you are going to want to be in shape for camp. Let's be honest nobody wants to be left behind. I'm not sure how it will go this year with this team, but I know in that past there have been a few "shake" down cruises that hurt. Let the "racing" begin.

Oh yeah and about the partying. This weekend is St Patricks day and what better place to spend it then in fabulous Bay City with the 53rd annual St Patricks Day Parade. Katie asked me the other day what it was like, and I told her it was a few hours of floats by just about every yokal that owns or wants to promote something along with all the schools there sports teams, bands, cub scouts, girl scouts, and etc, etc. Also there are plenty of Adult beverages to go around for everyone, and I mean everyone. But dont be like this kid and drink and drive.

"I fought the Law and the Law Won" Be a little smarter then this guy.

So I'll be resting up for the next few days and getting ready for a long season on the road.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

The pictures that I promised from yesterday ride:

View from my bike.

"Going up Country"

"Mary had a little lamb"

"Take down your fishing pole and meet me at the fishing hole" Then we will go to the cafe.

(look closely its the mayberry cafe with official police cruiser)

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ok the season is beginning and it is time to keep the blog updated. I enjoy reading other blogs and hate when they are not updated. I'm sure there has to be a few people out there who feel the same about mine.

Once again the weather is anything but average here in Indy, but at least this time it is on the positive side. It feels like spring/summer is coming with temperatures approaching 60's and even 70's. I've finally been able to get some really decent riding in the past 3 weeks, and with camp fast appoaching, and some important races it couldn't have happened at a better time. By the end the week it is suppose to be closer to normal, and maybe a bit colder, which will be a shock again.

Well time to go for a spin. I think I'll take the camera today and see if there is anything to take a picture of. But if you saw where I ride you would probably relize why I hardly post any pictures from my ride. I'll actually post some and you can make your own judgement.

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*One important note. The Bay City St. Patricks Day Parade is only one week away, and Katie, the dogs and I will be there. Let the festivities begin.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

So whats the haps man? Im sure you all have been asking yourselfs that in curiosity to know what I have been doing or what has been going on. Well to tell you the truth, Not a whole heck of a lot. The weather has finally been getting close to normal which is making riding much more enjoyable and tollerable. Just ticking off the k's before camp which begins on the 20th. Looking foward to getting together with the team again and really begin to kick of the 2007 racing season.

This past weekend I again was helping out with the Marian college cycling team and drove them to race that didn't happen and another the following day that should have never happened. Both days woke up to snowy conditions. After the road race was not going to happen they waited around on Saturday kicking around the idea that they could do a time trial once the ice/snow melted off the road in the sub freezing conditions. Brilliant. Luckily a few hours later another snow squall came through which officially cancelled the race.

Well the next day woke up to snow covering the ground just as in yesterday and the race was in a High School parking lot basically in the middle of nowhere. So no word on a cancelled race, so we made the drive and show up to a snow/ice covered course with about 8 people out there witha mix of salt, shovels, and blowers. They were trying to treat half the course. The course is pretty short as is, maybe 800meters, now it was being reduced to a 400meter square. A few hour pasted again, and many had giving up and just left, but this time they decided they would race, if you call what was going on racing. The first few races went by with plenty of crashes and people getting lapped quickly so they were pulled. Well they ended up putting on all the races with only 25+ crashes in the same corner that had a mixture of ice/salt/wet pavement and luckily enough only one broken collorbone. You would have never gotten me out there, and out of the 4 racers we had 3 went down. Not good odds. But the promoter just had to have his race, even when the ambulance was on the course. He was warning racers to watch out, but keep racing, as he asked for the driver to pull up a bit further as he was attending to a rider. Some people need to think.

Im boring.

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