Monday, March 26, 2007

I hate to over due the amount of updates, but enjoy them when they happen. I guess it won't be to bad as long as there not boring. I really just wanted to post some cool photos from todays ride up to the parkway.

This is one great road for riding. Super smooth, up and down, and the scenery is unreal. Unfortunately it cost $8 per rider to ride on it.

So we had to turn around and ride on this road. It wasn't as smooth, but it was a great climb. Over 1,000 feet of climb in a few miles.

Unfortunately it took us up to the parkway and you aren't allowed to ride on it without paying. Don't worry we were responsible.

From this picture you can see the parkway road towards the top of the mountain, and the rode we road up below it.

I happened to get to the top first and rolled down a bit to meet up the other boys and on the way back up, and of course right at the top I put a good size rip in my tire. Luckily Bill was there and had some lining for the tire, which he gratefully applied. Thanks buddy.

Thanks for the ride
Breeze On


Brent Bookwalter said...

yo dude. looks like some dreamy riding. you still have the same email address even though the breezer site is down?

Breezer said...

I like to think of Virinia as The Northern North Carolina. Just exceptional riding.

I have the same email address.

pr said...

i should have kept those tires. just so happens that i put on the pair of used michelin pro's you had at home and first ride out i got a flat. i had to call mom for a ride home because i forgot to put an inflator in the seat bag, damn!