Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ok nothing to really report on, but I don't want to leave everyone hanging a long time without an update.

Camp offically ended tuesday morning as most of us headed our seprate ways, and the rest of us heading to Jon Wirsings house. Actually I think almost half of us did. That Jon is one likey guy. He gets to house Alejandro, Guido both of who don't speak that much english, Sebastion, Mike Norton, and myself. It is quite the crew who have taken over the upstairs.

The past few days of training have been pretty laxed, a time to recover after camp, and today was the first day I was able to get back going again and hopefully I'll get some more nice days in the next few days, to prepare for the US Open in Richmond. I'm feeling really good about my fitness going into the race, its all the other racers fitness that I'm worried about. The first "real" race of the year is always a little nerve racking going in, but I think not only am I ready, but I think the team is ready to turn some heads.

So for the next 24 hours I going to feel like a superstar. Tonight we have the local NBC station coming to interview us and take some video for the news. Then tomorrow the Richmond paper is coming to take some photos and do a write up about the team. All this is coming out just before the US Open Championships in Richmond. Which you can catch on NBC Saturday April 7th from 2:30 to 4:30.

I guess thats it for now. I wondering if Karen is going to be making us another fabulous dinner? Hopefully. I like to watch Jon plug away on the trainer on a full stomach. The guy does it all.

Thanks for reading
Breeze On


pr said...

OK mister superstar, the only person you have to worry about is yourself. If you are prepared (I am sure you are) the rest will take of itself. Thanks for the updates! Breeze on Breezer!

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