Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ok the season is beginning and it is time to keep the blog updated. I enjoy reading other blogs and hate when they are not updated. I'm sure there has to be a few people out there who feel the same about mine.

Once again the weather is anything but average here in Indy, but at least this time it is on the positive side. It feels like spring/summer is coming with temperatures approaching 60's and even 70's. I've finally been able to get some really decent riding in the past 3 weeks, and with camp fast appoaching, and some important races it couldn't have happened at a better time. By the end the week it is suppose to be closer to normal, and maybe a bit colder, which will be a shock again.

Well time to go for a spin. I think I'll take the camera today and see if there is anything to take a picture of. But if you saw where I ride you would probably relize why I hardly post any pictures from my ride. I'll actually post some and you can make your own judgement.

Thanks for reading,
Breeze On

*One important note. The Bay City St. Patricks Day Parade is only one week away, and Katie, the dogs and I will be there. Let the festivities begin.