Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Phew! Time for a recovery week and just in time to for the nice weather to leave, the partying to begin this weekend, and training camp starting next wednesday. I can't wait to get back out riding with boys and especially racing. It has been since Tour of Bahamas that I have seen anyone, heck actually riding with anyone for that matter. Its been some lone lonely miles since then. I dont really like to post numbers because they dont matter the only thing that matters is how you perform in a race, but the last 3 1/2 weeks have included plenty of days between 3500kj-4500kj with 200tss+ with a few days over 5000kj and 300tss.

So with that good training hopefully it will really get me reading for some very important races we have coming up in the next month. There should be Jefferson Cup, US Open Championships (if happens) and of course Tour of Virginia. Plus you are going to want to be in shape for camp. Let's be honest nobody wants to be left behind. I'm not sure how it will go this year with this team, but I know in that past there have been a few "shake" down cruises that hurt. Let the "racing" begin.

Oh yeah and about the partying. This weekend is St Patricks day and what better place to spend it then in fabulous Bay City with the 53rd annual St Patricks Day Parade. Katie asked me the other day what it was like, and I told her it was a few hours of floats by just about every yokal that owns or wants to promote something along with all the schools there sports teams, bands, cub scouts, girl scouts, and etc, etc. Also there are plenty of Adult beverages to go around for everyone, and I mean everyone. But dont be like this kid and drink and drive.

"I fought the Law and the Law Won" Be a little smarter then this guy.

So I'll be resting up for the next few days and getting ready for a long season on the road.

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