Saturday, March 24, 2007


Today we entered the 4th day of camp, and it is a bit of down low day with a race coming up tomorrow. After doing a good amount of riding in the past few days with some full throttled moments we decided to have a bit of an easier go at it and save some for tomorrows throw down.

Yesterday's ride was a recon of Stage 7 of the Tour of Virginia run out of Charolettsville. It is an up and down sort of ride, with no climbs longer then 4 minutes. Along the route we decided to do some lead out practice for our ace in the hole Alejandro. I don't want to give to much away on the riding of the team, but look out we have it down to a science, of course I didn't say what level of science whether it be at the elementary or college level, but either way watch out for the Rite Aid train coming to a race near you.

That night we got treated for sure. First it was dinner in downtown Charlottesville at this awesome French restaurant run by one of Ians good friends. Not only was the food exceptional the prices were phenomenal as in on the house. Really a special thanks goes out. On the menu for us was bread, salad, oysters, clams, mussells, chicken, steak, fries, vegetables, duck, and ice cream for dessert.

Later that night was a little shindig at the warehouse of The Happy Rickshaw run by Ian and his friend Christophe. After a 3 block walk turned into what felt like a few mile jaunt through Charlottlesville we arrived at the warehouse. I'm sure that the party was plenty of fun but I was clearly to tired to really enjoy it and we split before the real action took place. Thanks again Ian.

Now its nap time before another fabulous dinner made by Karen who's been treating us with her awesome culinary skills. I never knew that you could ride so much at training camp and be able to put weight on at the same time. At least we will be plenty fueled for Jeff Cup tomorrow. There will be no bonking.

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pr said...

Good luck to you and the team at the race Sunday. Maybe if you were to stay at camp for another 2 months i could weigh less than you. Ha! ok-mommy-o says good luck also.