Wednesday, April 18, 2007

6 days till the Tour of Virginia.

So Katie and I have decided that we have outgrown our one bedroom apartment, more or less just I have to much crap, and we have decided to move into a two bedroom apartment. So now I am going to have a bike room/office/studio. Im pretty excited about this. Not only that but now we will have water front property.

So it appears that winter may be finally over after the past few days of freezing conditions and even some snow showers. Hopefully that will cover it. Now the April showers can bring the May flowers. And of course we all know what May flowers bring dont we?? Pilgrims, of course. (thanks for that insight dad)

How bout the Tour of Virginia being less then a week away. This is going to be one grueling stage race. Check out the course at There is not one flat rode on any of the courses. After another stellar performance put in by the team in an NRC race in Florida I think we are once again going to be ready to put on some great performances. Hopefully this time it will be with us on the top rung of the podium.

For fun here is the profile for stage 4

Here is a photo I snapped of the Jons (better known as Royal and Swain) this past weekend at the collegiate race on Marian's Campus.

And it pretty much sums up the race for Marian. Hope you heal up quickly Swain. (A sequence of shots can be found here.)

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