Friday, April 06, 2007


That's Aussie talk for one day. One day till the US Open Cycling Championships begin in what should be a frosty Williamsburg, Virginia. The next time I will be riding my bike will be in front of a nationally televised audience, all be it on a slight time delay, and with a 183 others which could make noticing me a bit difficult, but nevertheless I will be there.

The race will begin in Williamsburg where temperatures are forcasted to be in the mid 30's with a chance of some precipitation and will head northwest into the wind as it makes the 60mile trek into Richmond. Once arriving in Richmond racers and race fans will be entertained with 8 5.5mile circuits which will include a cobble climb up Libby Hill, a cobbled decent through the Shockoe Slip, some construction, rough rodes, and some nice views of historic Richmond. The finish will be in front of the Virginia Library and expected to be sometime around noon. Television coverage starts the same day at 2:30 on NBC. As long as they actually show racing on this television coverage instead of other things, it should be a great race to watch.

So the rest of the team shall be arriving soon which means dinner is just right around the corner. Then a snooze till 5 in the morning and it will be time to head on down to the start of the US Cycling Open Championships. Be sure to cheer on myself and the rest of the Rite Aid team, and if your lucky maybe you will see me. Of course it would be hard not to see the winner. Ha

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Word on the street is that I am number 143.


pr said...

Good luck to you and the team! Show them what your made of!

Unknown said...

looked like a tough race in the unseasonable weather we're having here. hope you had fun and a good race. i was able to catch the last few laps on tv.

Joshua Tarrant said...

Nice job at the Open, i saw that you came in 22nd or so in a tough man's race. Congrats on the podium for the team as well. It looked liked like a real tough race on TV. The helicopter camera view looked like an crazy blizzard. Do you plan on jumping into any Michigan races before you head to Joe Martin? If not i'll see you in Arkansas.

Josh T.