Monday, April 02, 2007

Rite Aid Pro Cycling Takes Another Victory and Goes One Better
Tyson’s Corner Circuit Race - Tyson’s Corner, VA

Many of the Rite Aid pros took advantage of the local racing scene to help sharpen their legs for the upcoming US Open Cycling Championships in Richmond, Virginia on April 7th. The Tyson’s Corner Circuit Race was a short aggressive race that allowed the 6 Rite Aid riders the opportunity to ride aggressive and work on some leg speed. The event started with a break of 7 riders slipping away early. Sebastian Alexander had the break covered and could have won the race out of the break, but the team didn’t like the 1 out of 7 representation. Ian Ayers, Jake Rytlewski, Mike Norton, Guido Palma and Alejandro Barrajo kept the pressure on the riders by covering any attacks and putting in a few of their own. The last 10 laps were probably the fastest of the race. During those last laps Rite Aid saw Alejandro away solo, Ian away with one rider and a nicely timed moved from the 20 year old Guido. He made his final move coming into 1 lap remaining and Guido was caught with 400 meters left in the race. The team had Guido’s back covered as Sebastian started the final leadout. The well-timed train saw only Alejandro come by Sebastian giving Rite Aid the first two places, one step up from last weeks 1st and 3rd.

Tyson’s Corner Circuit Race
75 Minutes, Tyson’s Corner, VA
1st Place: Alejandro Borrajo (Rite Aid Pro Cycling)
2rd Place: Sebastian Alexander (Rite Aid Pro Cycling)

After two weeks of claiming victories in the local racing scene, the boys are confident and ready for big events coming up in April. US Open Cycling Championships – April 7th. Tour of Virginia – April 24th – 29th. US South East Criterium Series – April 28th – May 6th

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