Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well it happened, as I was hoping it soon would. I finished off a race with a W. It wasn't easy, but it never is. But other then the fact that I won, what a pretty cool race.

with little to no traffic and basically use of the whole road. I hope this race is able to stick around, and I bet if you had the right weather conditions you would have a lot more spectators right there in The start/finish area right in downtown Frankenmuth, then heading out into the back countryFrankenmuth near the start finish.

Not only was there a bike race the same day in Frankenmuth there also was a Lumberjack competition, a dog jupming compition, and a sand sculpter competition. I was glad we were able to find the right spot and not end up at the Lumberjack competition, and at first glance of Papa Tony I thought we had made that mistake, but dont be confused he is a bike racer, and not a Lumberjack.

Right from the start the questions were flying. Shouldn't you be doing something bigger and better? Is this your Philly prep? Do you know this race is only half the distance of Philly? My answers to those questions were there is nothing better going on then the Tour of Frankenmuth this day, yes I am using this race in prep for Philly, and yes I am well aware of the distance of the race at Philly, but thanks for making it somehow seem longer as if it didn't seem long enough.

This race was fairly aggressive with riders going up the rode right from mile one, with James Knight going up and off the course as the lead motos took him off course. We on the other went the right direction, but then slowed and waited for him to catch back on. Soon enough some others attacked into the crosswind section.

Well one after another break went and was reeled back. I spent a fair bit of time following moves, and bringing things back. Even were in a few breaks, but a few guys didn't seem like they wanted to work with me. It was on lap 3 where a group of 7 or so had gotten up the road and I was able to get up the road with 2 or 3 guys on my wheel and make it to the front group. I didn't know we had separated from the main field, but when we caught up I glanced back and saw the split and went hard for a while to keep the field back.

I was hoping the group would work better then it did, but some guys were either a bit fatigued or didn't want to work in the group that was this big, or that had me in it. A few guys worked well with me and would roll through, but then we did still have the few were on the back that had me a bit concerned.

Halfway through the 4th lap everyone was sitting up again and not pulling through so I rolled to the very right side of the road and rode hard for a km, then made the left into one of the headwind sections. I glanced back again and nobody had got on my wheel and I opened up a gap. I then hit it just before being joined by Ben Whitehead of Priority, and I drilled it for the next half lap, while Ben did what he could. Into the final lap I couldn't see anymore riders and figured our gap was big enough, so I let up a bit and tried not to take harder, or longer pulls then my companion and save it for the finish.

In the last km, I decided that I was going to stay behind him and make him lead out the downhill sprint. He had other plans and attacked before the last rain soaked corner and opened up a bit of gap as I took the corner a bit easier. He kept on the gas, but I was able to close the gap with 500 meters to go and with just under 300 to go I took off and went in for my first victory of the year.

Up next I think I've decided to do Tour of Gastown Light in Grand Rapids. So I will see you boys on Monday again. I really enjoy coming back to the local scene. Everyone is so friendly and the words of encouragement as I go out to the big races I really enjoy. Thanks guy

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Oh yeah it was raining during the race.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back in Bay City for the Tour of Frankenmuth. Maybe I can win a race this year. One that is close to where I grew up would be nice, like the Tour of Frankenmuth. We will see.

If not then I have three "chances" to win a bike race in the next two weeks at Lancaster, Reading, or Philly (if i make the selection). I guess I would take any of three. Im not too picky. I know Alejandro is going want to win and is capable of, so he can have two.

I wonder how everyone on the team is doing? Haven't seen them in a while. If you guys are reading this good luck in the upcoming crits. Take care of business and I'll see you all in a few days.

As you can see I don't have much to talk about.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Up next for me is another local race for me back near my hometown. The race is about 30 miles from where I grew up and travels on many of the roads I have ridden on numerous training rides. I think it's going to be pretty cool to actually have a race out there, in almost the middle of nowhere. And if you have never been to Frankenmuth or the roads around it, and are going to the race, you will soon know what I am talking about. Pretty much like Cone Azalia, only without the dirt roads.

After that I finally make it out to the "big" scene and start racing with the team. I made the selections to do Lancaster and Reading, and depending on my performance in Lancaster will decide whether or not I do Philly. So hopefully I go out there and have some solid racing. Although I think it would have been nice to do a few of the races leading into it to get a "feel" for that level again, but I'll just have to trust the training and at least I should be fresh.

So I did a few long rides over the past week and I was testing out my theory of being in the motorcycle wave club. So after getting that first initial wave I went a stunning 0-12 in the next few days.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Less then 2 months to the Tour De France. I feel like my preparation is going quite well. I have been able to do a ton of training, and even got out for 2 races so far this year to gage my fitness. Oh wait a minute I'm not Lance and I'm not doing the tour. It's a little different not doing races every weekend like in years past. I feel like a pro bike practicer instead of racer. Although soon enough I believe there will be almost more racing then I can handle.

I did do the local crit in town this past weekend like I mentioned, but it's hard to do much with two teams that have 10 guys a piece in the field, without a very selective course. I did what I could. Now I know how Obee felt the past two years at Rockford. Its a bit rough on the other side.

So anyways I was riding today and for the first time I received an official motorcycle wave. You know the one where the guy puts out his hand facing down. I think I'm officially in the club. We are both on bikes so its pretty much the same.

However my engine is bigger of course. Although I can't even put out the same amount of horse power as the motorcycle can. Heck cyclist don't even measure power with horsepower, we use watts. To top that off that is the same measurement used on light bulbs.

So how fast do you feel now?

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Friday, May 11, 2007

I really don't have much to report on. I've hit a bit of down time in my season and there will be no racing till the end of the month, but once we get towards the end of May it will be full on racing. Not exactly sure what races I will be doing yet, but I imaging there will be some criteriums on the east coast followed by one, two, or all of the races in the Commerce Bank Triple Crown.

Im pretty excited about the Commerce Triple Crown races this year because I believe I truly can be competitive this year, and I know my team is strong and we all can do well.

This is how bored I am right now, I'm talking about races 3 weeks away.

Tomorrow i am doing the Eagle Creek Traditional Criterium here in town and that should be fun. Maybe I will actually have something to write about then. Till next time...

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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Thursday, May 7th, 2007

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


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