Monday, May 14, 2007

Less then 2 months to the Tour De France. I feel like my preparation is going quite well. I have been able to do a ton of training, and even got out for 2 races so far this year to gage my fitness. Oh wait a minute I'm not Lance and I'm not doing the tour. It's a little different not doing races every weekend like in years past. I feel like a pro bike practicer instead of racer. Although soon enough I believe there will be almost more racing then I can handle.

I did do the local crit in town this past weekend like I mentioned, but it's hard to do much with two teams that have 10 guys a piece in the field, without a very selective course. I did what I could. Now I know how Obee felt the past two years at Rockford. Its a bit rough on the other side.

So anyways I was riding today and for the first time I received an official motorcycle wave. You know the one where the guy puts out his hand facing down. I think I'm officially in the club. We are both on bikes so its pretty much the same.

However my engine is bigger of course. Although I can't even put out the same amount of horse power as the motorcycle can. Heck cyclist don't even measure power with horsepower, we use watts. To top that off that is the same measurement used on light bulbs.

So how fast do you feel now?

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