Friday, June 22, 2007

Another successful 650 miles traveled. Next up in a few hours is a short 400 mile drive up to Rochester, NY. At least I wont be driving and I can hopefully sprawl out in a back seat somewhere. The trip yesterday went by rather fast even though I left a bit later after having a what I thought was a good morning. First I woke up, went for a ride, had Katie cut my hair, I made us some pancakes and finished packing.

Just me along with a lot of my crap rolling down the rode in my sweet Astro. She's running nice right now. Hopefully she'll get me home. Oh yeah and doesn't my hair just look totally rad.

Not to many exciting things happened on the trip. Of course there was the person sporting a licsence plate that said "UNICRN", which was odd, and there was the pet monkey at the rest stop, but this is what made the drive most interesting.

It definelty made for some wild driving as the wind kicked up and the water was coming down in buckets. Well I have to unpack and repack for Rochesterd and Providence. Maybe it will be more exciting with a few others along on the trip.

Thanks for reading,
Breeze On