Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So now it is my third go around at Commerce Bank Triple Crown, and I believe I have my best fitness ever which I help will result in some well good results. Up first is the infamous Lancaster course. It's a pretty sweet course that basically winds through town and a park with a few corners and some rollers. Its a challenging course that keeps you on your toes.

So for this years edition it was held under raining conditions which before the start had me feeling a bit more nervous. I guess it didn't help when race officials would come up to you and tell you how slippery it was and to be carefully. Oh great huh. Surprisingly to myself once we started I felt a lot less nervous about the rain and I believe it really didn't affect the way I raced, which is the way it should be.

Well as the for the race a break got up the road on the second lap and for us we had Geronimo in it, so that was a huge plus. He put in a great effort to stay up in the break to the very end, while some others dropped off. Then it felt like we just rolled around for a while and CSC got on the front to keep the break close and eventually so close that it was caught with 4 laps to go. I had good position just before and after the catch ready to make a move that might go, but nothing was doing until a lap later when the winning move had went and of course I had found myself slipping to far back. I can't do that if I expect to get a result. Alejandro like he has done in a few races now recogonized the urgency of the group going off the front and bridged across before 2 to go.

As the field everyone seemed content enough or just to run down to do anything about it and basically sat up as the race went up the road. Alejandro finished off 7th which is hell of a result at this race, but Im sure he was dissappointed and expects nothing less then winning, which is a good attitude to have if you want to win bike races.

So up next is the new course of the 3 race series in Reading with it only be the second year of the race. But this year they did change it up a bit by adding an additional 2 trips up Mt. Penn instead of just the one we made last year. I can't wait to race again and am really ready to put in that special effort it takes to score a big result. Wish me luck, its some tough competition out there.

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