Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do you wish to look like your favorite rider in the US Peloton? While now you can. Visit Velogear now and be able to purchase yourself a Rite Aid Pro cycling team kit. Now if they only provided kankles you would be all set.

So Tour de Toona starts on Monday with an event that should be interesting, the team time trial. I wonder how many teams practice this. I've done a few in the past with the collegiate team and actually one in Europe with the national team and other then being quite hard they are pretty awesome. Tuesday is a new course as well which always leads to more suspense as you really wont know what is going to happen as in all the other courses which I believe remain the same.

Other then that there isn't much to report I guess other then this little dutch boy trying to paint the house. I think he's going to need a bigger brush.

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