Tuesday, August 21, 2007


What a weekend! The weather was completely different then it has been over the past three weeks. From 90's and sunny to 60's and rain.

Not having raced since Toona I was a bit concerned about how my crit legs would be, especially compared to those who have been racing top notch criteriums since Toona ended. The good thing about the weekend is that the pro-am the day before is only half the distance of the main event the following day.

So anyways the pro-am went really well for me and for most of my teammates who also were able to stay upright and out of trouble. Unfortunately Dewald wasn't so lucky and hit the deck hard under 10 laps to go. I got a great starting position at the back and once we got going and everything strung right out I was 35 seconds from the front of the field. I was so far back I couldn't even see the front for the first few laps. I thought I was going to have an early dinner. Luckily enough I was able to move right to the front, while avoiding splits and crashes and finished the race unscathed and with a bit of confidence heading into the National Championships.

Well conditions were a bit worse the following with a heavy rain the whole day and a steady rain during the event itself. Just like yesterday things immediately strung right out and I quickly went to the front before it got to late. I made it close enough to the front as things got going. Many were not so lucky, and many would not be very lucky on this day. The race was marred with crashes. I just tried to keep it safe for most of the race while holding good position. After all the attacks and hard racing Kelly took over with 10 laps to go and it was just down to fighting for position as they were leading it out and bringing back late race escapes. I was looking and trying to hold Alejandro's wheel towards the end, but that guy moves through the peloton in ways that nobody could follow. Not even a snake. Under 3 laps to go I just couldn't believe I was still in their with a chance of a good finish, but with Jon in the radio and my parents in the crowd yelling I was very motivated to get a top finish. After all the crashes and taking a good inside line in the last corner avoiding the last crash of the day I sprinted in for 9th. It was one of my better crit rides and luck was for sure on my side. It was good to get some good racing like that in before road nationals and hopefully I can put in another top performance there as well. Time will tell.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So apparently there is a group ride near my house here in Avon, Indiana. It is actually real near with the meeting point just 2 miles away and it meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. Who knew? So today I decided to scope out the scene. It wasn't quite the super intense racer type riders, but nevertheless a good group of riders. There were close to 20 riders at the beginning of the ride. It wasn't a race type atmosphere, but more of a spirited group ride with a good pace. It was fun to do and the riders on the ride were quite nice so I will for sure be making my way back out there. Although I think some may prefer never to see me again.

So I've started my duties as the ASSistant coach at Marian College and so far everything as gone quite well. We had a good first couple of days getting on a schedule and getting all the track equipment in place, which took some time, but is basically all dialed in now. A few seemed to be not quite sure of the fit on the track bikes, but I made sure to point out that it was a track a bike and its suppose to feel that way. They did a few hard efforts and a points race type workout over the pass few days, and for a few brief moments I did miss being out there throwing down on the track. Maybe I'll have to break out the clown bike, or I'll just have to get it all out tomorrow when we do a "spirited" group ride with a few hard sustained efforts. I hope their ready. I hope I'm ready. No more just standing there telling them to go faster.

Marian Cycling 2007 (a few riders are missing)

I don't know what looks more like a clown the bike, or the rider?

On top of all this my teammates on Rite Aid are still all at my house. So there is very little floor space to walk around on and the food in the fridge seems to just disappear. At least the food reappears at times, to bad about the floor though, maybe one day. Its not to bad, I like being able to hang out with them. Although I wonder how the neighbors are going to take to Alejandro sitting on the curb out front looking at Adult content on his laptop? Well actually I really haven't been able to as the last two days they have been sleeping till noon when I've been gone and stay up to wee hours of the morning as I am crashing by 10. Those night crits threw them all off.

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