Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So apparently there is a group ride near my house here in Avon, Indiana. It is actually real near with the meeting point just 2 miles away and it meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. Who knew? So today I decided to scope out the scene. It wasn't quite the super intense racer type riders, but nevertheless a good group of riders. There were close to 20 riders at the beginning of the ride. It wasn't a race type atmosphere, but more of a spirited group ride with a good pace. It was fun to do and the riders on the ride were quite nice so I will for sure be making my way back out there. Although I think some may prefer never to see me again.

So I've started my duties as the ASSistant coach at Marian College and so far everything as gone quite well. We had a good first couple of days getting on a schedule and getting all the track equipment in place, which took some time, but is basically all dialed in now. A few seemed to be not quite sure of the fit on the track bikes, but I made sure to point out that it was a track a bike and its suppose to feel that way. They did a few hard efforts and a points race type workout over the pass few days, and for a few brief moments I did miss being out there throwing down on the track. Maybe I'll have to break out the clown bike, or I'll just have to get it all out tomorrow when we do a "spirited" group ride with a few hard sustained efforts. I hope their ready. I hope I'm ready. No more just standing there telling them to go faster.

Marian Cycling 2007 (a few riders are missing)

I don't know what looks more like a clown the bike, or the rider?

On top of all this my teammates on Rite Aid are still all at my house. So there is very little floor space to walk around on and the food in the fridge seems to just disappear. At least the food reappears at times, to bad about the floor though, maybe one day. Its not to bad, I like being able to hang out with them. Although I wonder how the neighbors are going to take to Alejandro sitting on the curb out front looking at Adult content on his laptop? Well actually I really haven't been able to as the last two days they have been sleeping till noon when I've been gone and stay up to wee hours of the morning as I am crashing by 10. Those night crits threw them all off.

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