Friday, September 14, 2007

A quick Missouri update.

The first two days started fast with lots of attacks. The break came back the first day to set up a field and the second day the break didn't even come close to coming back. I was following some moves the second day as things were splitting a bit in the cross winds, but as many of you know it seems like the one you dont go with is the one that goes. Once the elastic broke on the break it was gone and the field sat up and we cruised for a while. We did get on the front for a while and set tempo and practiced a lead out for one of teammates, which was more fun then just sitting there coasting.

Yesterday was the hardest and longest time trial I have ever done. It basically shows how many time trials I do. It was a demanding course with plenty of long uphill drags, and a few fast descents. I was doing good on the uphills, maybe to good as I was having a harder time keeping it rolling on the flat to rolling sections. Just wasn't keeping the speed up after the downhills good enough. Oh well. Had an ok time, but wish I was 30 seconds to a minute faster. Oh well, it is what it is.

Other then that I have been eating a crap load of food. Big buffets for breakfast and dinner. To bad the food today and last night was basically crap. At least it was free though. I just couldn't force myself to eat mushy pasta this morning.

So today is a nice 215km (133mile) race through the middle of Missouri. It's suppose to be mostly a head wind as well. So it's going to be a long day. Hopefully the team and I can dig up a good result today. If I don't I think I'm going to leave these plushy hotels and go camping with my dad like I did back at Fitcburg. I've been having it to nice in a bed and all.

With all this going on I will be getting married in 8 days.

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