Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well the Tour of Missouri is over and so is my season. What a way to finish off a year! Racing consecutively days longer then I ever have, and against some of the best competition. It was quite the experience. Here are some photos.

This is the way everyday started off. Trying to get ready for a long day of racing, but first trying to sign around a hundred autographs for people that didn't know who you are while you got dressed, then on the way to sign in to sign in and sign some poster, then on the way back and even till the last moments before the race started. It got pretty crazy and my signature turned into a scribble. I guess with a last name of Rytlewski, it doesn't really matter because they wouldn't know what it was even if they could see ever letter.

Here is a start of one of the three races over 200km's. It's a different feeling waken up the morning and getting ready to do over 200km's of racing for consecutive days. Don't worry though the mushy pasta we were served in the morning got us through the day. Pasta in the morning is an experience in itself.

Just flying around Missouri. This just happens to be the last day in the streets of Missouri. It was good to see the Arch, it may not have been the Arch of Triumph in Paris, but it didn't represent the same thing to the race, the finish.

Another picture from the race. This of course would be the time trial. It just so happens this stage had the biggest climbs. It was an awesome course though, and a great crowd for a time trial.

Racing up one of the many long uphill drags. Great crowd though for a time trial. The other way though was much faster coming down that on ramp.

This was a pretty cool safety feature. The best barriers I've ever seen used. Just line the road with a few heavy duty construction vehicles, and away you go. There was such great support for this race in Missouri and I believe a lot of the people loved it, which made the race even better. A guy can really get use to do races of this caliber. Maybe next year. Also just so you know, no matter what you read or hear this race was not, I repeat was NOT mostly flat. Sure the hills weren't mountains, but there was plenty of down shifting for many of the continuous rollers that sometimes seemed never ending. They added up, and made for great courses, of course with the wind as well. Just watch out for the armadillos.

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On a side note: The True Breezer Hilly Hundred is upon us now. Look for information coming on that ride later today or hopefully by tomorrow. It will be October 13th. Everyone is welcomed. It of course is on the same weekend of the "Hilly Hundred", and will join that event on the second day. I want a lot of people on my ride this year. It is an awesome ride. More to come later.

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