Sunday, November 18, 2007

This could be the best winter training atmosphere I have ever had. This past Saturday we had 6 guys on our long group ride. That's better then the average of 2. It helps that Marian has stepped up the program this year and brought in some good riders. Should be easier to slosh threw some of those days where it's hard to get out the door.

Suppose to be some good weather yet again coming up with temperatures approaching 70 on Tuesday! I remember it doing the same thing last year and winter staying around till almost May. Hopefully that don't happen.

So Lucy has been sick the past week. Nothing like cleaning up some fresh diarrhea in the morning. Time to get the crate out again. At least we know who she likes now as she went on Katie's side of the bed to make sure I wouldn't step in it. But how Katie didn't step in it will be a serious mystery. It was perfectly placed.

Damn Lions. Seriously. They better win on Thursday or I'm not going to be to pleasant to be around on a day where your suppose to be pleasant. At least there will be plenty of food to make me happy happy.

Ok time to go grocery shopping with the wife so we don't starve before Thursday.

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