Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yesterday I went out to Marian to work on my core! strength with the rest of team. You have to exclaminate after every time you say core! So after messing around with big balls and heavy balls, as in fitness balls and medicine balls of course, we went for a group ride. Check out the size of this group.

Pretty impressive. Here is my mate Paddy. He's Australian. Until 3 years ago I had never met someone from Australia, now it seems like there around every corner.

Just having a stellar time on the ciba route. Afterwards we went out with David to El Rodeo and got some Fajitas, and demolished the free chips and salsa that everyone enjoys at Mexican restaurants.

Today the weather was unbelievable. Check out the temperature on the lower right hand corner.

That's right, 64. The nice weather though brought out all kinds of things. Such as 5 dogs I have never seen before chasing me on my standard route, one of which had only 3 legs and was probably the fastest. Then there was the fox and the deer. Also playing hooky where a few of my Avon riding buddies also out enjoying the nice weather.

I think I now know what I am officially doing next season. More on that next time.

Breeze On