Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh no, the first day of winter is only two days away. Although that sounds bad, it really isn't all that bad, especially considering the forecast high for Saturday is close to 60! Get your riding gear ready boys and put the trainer back in the corner. I remember the first day of fall this season was close to 90, so who knows anymore. The other good thing about it being the first day of winter is that everyday afterwards gets more daylight. Only 90 or so days till spring, which unfortunately doesn't necessarily mean warm weather, but it does mean summer will be closer.

To bad for all those people who were dreaming of a white Christmas because our healthy snowfall we received last week is quickly disappearing. They do have one more chance though because as great as Saturday is suppose to be there is a chance of snow early on and into the day on Sunday with a forecast high of 33. Brrrrrr.

Santa Countdown: 5 days

Anyone up for a Christmas Eve Ride?

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