Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I fought the law and the law won.

I was out cruising doing a long interval out in the middle of the country and take a right rolling through a stop sign and a minute or two later there was cop pulling me over asking for my license and registration. A slight chuckle and I get the cop with an attitude problem and before I know it he is ripping me off a ticket and asking me if I want another one. What a complete joke.

Let's see the fellas from Marian our finally back and it was good to meet up with them for part of my ride today. Getting out while the gettings good. This weekend there is suppose to be a bitter chill. Luckily I'm heading east and hopefully it won't be as chilly so it's still ridable. Who knows.

Breeze On


BVDG said...

thats setting a bad example for us kids coach! you probably didnt have a helmet on and were listening to the ipod on max too!

Paddy Kilmurray said...

i heard u flicked him off then told him if he wanted to give you a ticket he was gunna have to catch u