Thursday, January 31, 2008

Like it promised the Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team website is up and running in January 2008. I know it is January 31st, but technically still January and for your nay sayers it was actually up yesterday as well so there. Check it out. It's definitely improved and hopefully stays that way.

Off to the Bahamas tomorrow, that is as long as I don't get snowed in. Boy that would be a kicker, getting ready for some nice 80 degree weather and be snowed in for the weekend instead. Hopefully I get there without to much hassle and can have a nice weekend of racing with the team. Maybe I should start driving to Charlotte where my connection is out of. I guess I have to ask my self one question do I feel luckier driving my van to Charlotte or waiting to see if the storm develops and delays/cancels my flight?

Breeze On