Tuesday, January 01, 2008

An Ode to 2007:

A new team, with new faces and a shiny new bike
oh how I couldn't wait to get it off the ice.
To the Bahamas we went for some sun,
and maybe even some fun.
Camp was full of riding with lots of food,
which put us all in a good mood.
US Open was almost snowed out,
but someone named Alejandro blew them all out.
Racing around Virginia, up and down,
we were there to pound.
Off to Philly for the third year,
no longer a fear.
Fitchburg would be next with the gang,
and it went out with a bang.
A team time trial opened Toona,
with the US Championships Looming.
The team lived with me before Downers,
where the race left many drowning.
Only Americans would be heading to the south,
Paris mountain would be the route.
Then a special invite to Missouri,
luckily for me there wasn't to much misery.
A season with some success,
next year there will be no less.

Bring on 2008

Breeze On.