Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Team Mini Camp

Once again it was time to take a drive to the DC area for two days of team togetherness. And team togetherness we had. I think the pictures and video will tell it all.

First we took team photos and for the first time got to see in person our new team bikes and meet the guy who was providing us with them Eugene. There pretty sweet looking and I can't wait to get on them and put plenty of miles on them.

*note our build ups will be a bit different on the bikes.

Then we did the normal first days together as a team with team building activities. We did some that were routine, and some that were not so routine. The ones that weren't so routine were of course the fun ones.

The first one was about being close and together. Kind of like getting use to a new saddle, if you were the saddle. You had to keep in contact with the person next to you at all times, either through touching (holding) or touching something else they were touching at the time, while walking on a cable. The obstacle was to get from one side to the other of course without fallen off.

Then we took to the high ropes, and by we I mean everyone but me. Fear of heights. Anyways it looked like fun, well for the first few to go, as those were the ones who were able to go up and not be worried about being blasted by snowballs. No exceptions to that rule as even Jon our director was feeling the heat.

Don't worry the foreman was on site.

Later that evening we went to the ABRT kick off dinner at Sonoma Restaurant. Drinks, orders, and conversations were on the menu. Here's something. What do you get when two past winners of Fitchburg walk into a bar.

A good picture for a blog and some great memories. Bobby Phillips though won it as a Junior, and if I raced it as a junior, who knows what would have happened, but winning it would not been reasonable possible.

The next day was just the normal cyclist day on the east coast with a nice healthy breakfast at the Nautilus Diner.

Followed by a bone chilling ride after with some or the ABRT members. Spirits were high though even though temperatures were not.

I'd like to thank the Shaw's for letting me stay with them, feeding me, and entertaining me. Good times.

Breeze On

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