Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For those who liked this last year, here are this years first look back at some powerfiles. A week ago I did a couple of local races just south of Cincinnati in Kentucky. The first race is just an out and back course with some gentle rollers. The following day is one of the hardest circuits I have ever raced on. It is a four lap race that includes two good size climbs each lap with many rollers in between.

Saturday's goal was to help set the course record which is what the promoter wanted, and get a good workout. So I set out to do this, hoping to get some help along the way, but only received maybe a couple of minutes of relief while on the front. I pulled off with 15km remaining in the race, that was when I felt comfortable with the time remaining to set the record. Here is a look at the data.

Duration: 2:07:10 (2:08:48)
Work: 2509 kJ
TSS: 180.3 (intensity factor 0.922)
Norm Power: 337
VI: 1.02
Pw:HR: 3.91%
Pa:HR: -5.23%
Distance: 83.12 km
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 743 329 watts
Heart Rate: 34 240 160 bpm
Cadence: 30 242 89 rpm
Speed: 10.6 60.2 39.2 kph
Pace 0:60 5:40 1:32 min/km
Crank Torque: 0 77.5 35.4 N-m

Most of the time I was just trying to hold my upper tempo zone, and occasionally would bump into my lower threshold zone. The effort actually fit perfectly into the type of workouts I had been doing up until that time, so it worked out nicely.

Next day was Schabobele. I definitely wanted to win this one. I was just going to hang with the leaders of the climbs and feel them out towards the end to know when to attack before the last one to the finish. I ended up being the leader of the first one and just rolled away comfortable. I didn't want to smash it, and really didn't mind if some came up to me to make the day bit shorter, especially with the wind blowing in upwards of 40mph. But nobody every came up and I spent another long day on the front, much like the day before. After looking at the file though, I realized why nobody came up to me by seeing that the first hour was harder then I had actually thought, or perceived. I think much of this had to do with going over the climbs at harder effort then I was towards the end.

First Hour:
Duration: 1:00:00 (1:00:48)
Work: 1205 kJ
TSS: 94.1 (intensity factor 0.97)
Norm Power: 354
VI: 1.06
Pw:HR: 2.85%
Pa:HR: 6.63%
Distance: 33.129 km
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 695 335 watts
Heart Rate: 60 240 158 bpm
Cadence: 34 158 87 rpm
Speed: 11.6 69.4 33.1 kph
Pace 0:52 5:10 1:49 min/km
Crank Torque: 0 93.4 37.5 N-m

Shabobele RR:
Duration: 3:04:46 (3:07:00)
Work: 3400 kJ
TSS: 243.1 (intensity factor 0.889)
Norm Power: 324
VI: 1.06
Pw:HR: 8.08%
Pa:HR: 2.44%
Distance: 101.103 km
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 695 307 watts
Heart Rate: 0 240 155 bpm
Cadence: 29 179 85 rpm
Speed: 10.4 78.8 32.8 kph
Pace 0:46 5:46 1:50 min/km
Crank Torque: 0 93.4 35.2 N-m

First hour wasn't killer for me, but I was able to stay away from others once they were no longer able to just following in my draft because of the separation put in on the climb. Once again the training I had done over the past few weeks, and of course the races a few weeks before in the Bahamas helped a lot, and was perfect for these types of efforts. I have tempo down now, and mixed in some Vo2 stuff as well, so soon it will be time to train at threshold. Now thats hard work.

Breeze On

Sunday, February 24, 2008

hail to the bus driver.

On the first collegiate bike race trip of the year sitting in luxury. After a long day I'm getting rather hungry. No need to fear though as our driver knows where every good mcdonalds is located. Before we left he mentioned two that he highly recommend as good ones to stop at and get a snack. Not only that but when Greg mentioned he was from Franklin our driver had nothing but good things to say about the McDonalds there. So if you find yourself there you know where to go. Time to nap on the way home.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My dad shot some video at this past weekends race. I'm going to show you a pretty funny clip. Some times guys just do somethings that make you say, he what?

Anyways let me set the stage for this. First of all it is an out and back course on the same road. Secondly this was shot down the road about 15 miles on the way out. My dad had driven down a road that paralleled the one we raced on and drove down a road the intersected it to shoot some footage. First group to go by was the 1,2's followed by these guys in the 3/4's race. I think you should be able to figure out the humor behind this scene from there.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Toast anyone?

Another successful race at Schabobele ends with a toaster trophy. Sweet!

5 races already for me, and it's only February. It's fun to be back out racing. To bad the next time I'll be out racing may not be for a month. We'll see what happens.

My father came down early Saturday morning right from work and we drove to the races in Kentucky. He would end up staying up for around 36hrs, with just a few cat naps when he could grab them. That's some endurance.

First up was Mentor, which is a rolling out and back course. It was a nice day with temps in the 40's and hardly an wind to speak off. Just before the start Godzulla (the promoter) came up to me and said if I helped set the course record he would buy my father, and I shots after the race. So as we are having our neutral roll out to the start of the race I was thinking of what to do. So once we started I decided to get a great workout in and see how fast I could make the race. This ended up with me sitting on the front for 85 of the 100km race. Once I pulled off the race really began. All I can really say after that is I got a really good workout in and the course record was beat by 5 minutes.

Well for those that know me, a shot after a race would send me to the floor so instead Godzulla went ahead and bought my father and I's lunch, and that was awesome.

The next day was a bit more serious with the toaster on the line. I don't think you can have to many toaster trophies. Anyways the course and the weather on the day led to a smaller starting number. Sure the course is really hard with plenty of climbing on narrow back country Kentucky roads, but the weather wasn't to bad. We started in light rain with winds around 20mph and temps just over 50 and by the time we finished it was partly cloudy with temps in the 60's and winds at a moderate 40+mph. Just another Godzulla epic challenge.

I've done this race 3 times and it just so happens that I've never done a lap with more then 2 other riders, with one of the bigger climbs being in the first few miles of the circuit. Well this year was no different and by mile 3 I was chugging along on my own. I wasn't to sure that I wanted to do that, but I just rode it out. I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking of why I'm doing this, trying not to be eaten by big scary country dogs, and staying on the road as the wind grabbed me a few times. A little over 3hrs later and it was all over. Of course it was over sooner for some as only a third of those who started finished, and some took longer as the women kept getting flats and waited on each other and finished a few minutes behind me after only having to do half the distance. So it could have been worse.

I recommend this race to everyone, yet some decide not to do it. It is most likely the hardest course I race on all year. No joke. I know that is enough to scare some off, especially with it being in February and all, but it's just one of those things you have to try. You'll never forget the experience, and riders still talk about past races that happened over 5 years ago. Plus if you just finish your almost guaranteed a good result. So I plan on seeing you all there next year, of course if I'm lucky again, it wont be for very long.

Breeze On

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing going on at ALL= No updates

Seriously nothing exciting or worth mentioning had happened since returning from the Bahamas. I'd like to thank everyone who congratulated me though on my result and it makes me want to just go out and doing all again. We will just have to wait a while to my next big event.

Just as I expected upon my return winter would be in full swing and training would become difficult. I believe I spent way to much time riding inside the past two weeks. I was thinking though as I was riding the rollers the other day and thought about how weird it was to be cruising in my living room at over 50kmh. Makes you think. Other then that nothing exciting.

Although I do have to say I'm a bit excited about a race this weekend near by. It's a race I've always loved doing since the first time I showed up to it and it was canceled due to the weather, but I rode it anyways. Actually come to think of it the last time I showed up it was canceled as well, but I wasn't able to make it to the postponed date on that occasion. This time the weather looks raceable, for those of us who can call low 50's and rain raceable. What race is this? Well I don't want to give it away or let others know I'm coming, but this should help.

Breeze On

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Finally back and settled in after the Bahamas. I had gotten in a total of 250 miles of riding, 3 races, one giant trophy, and a crispy sunburn all in before I knew it and I was back in my bed at home. It was a hectic 4 days.

Quick recap of the racing:

Saturday Morning was a 4.5km time trial over a flat out and back course. No areo equipment made this one difficult to keep pace with those on full rigs, but a top 20 and good power made this a successful effort.

Saturday Afternoon was a 80km circuit race. Very fast and many attacks littered this race. I had bike issued this race with a chain that would not stay seated on the big chain ring, and I was limited to not standing. Made it interesting. My teammates did a fabulous job jumping on any move going. The field sprint Clayton, Geronimo and myself got together and Clayton did a great job getting G close and even take such a strong lead out that he could not pass in the fast finish. I tried standing in it and my chain popped into the little ring at over 40mph so I was slightly undergeared. Still a couple top 10's on the day.

Riding to and from the race. Courtesy geronimok

Sunday was the bid daddy. The 170km road race that feels even longer that do to the fact that it's February and the long training rides in the north are hard to come by this time of year. No need to fear though our team did an amazing job taking turns covering the moves so we weren't all burnt by the finish. Geronimo and Big Willy started it off by being in the early move with a very lazy peloton in the beginning. I was actually suprised that wasn't the race as it all eventually came back together with half the race remaining. From there on it was group after group after split after regrouping going on. Riders would kill it in the cross wind, but luckily I had Clayton would sit with me on his wheel right up front. It would go a long way to having some energy in the tank come the finish.

The final move that stuck was with 25km to go when Farrar took off and soloed in. Just after he went I got in a move with 3 others, one was Vande Velde, so it was up to the three of us to chase. Unfortunately the one guy had no interest in helping at all it was just two of us trying to catch. Then before I knew it everyone was sitting on so in the cross wind section I had to hit it hard to try to go in at alone. This came with a bit of success and was mighty painful as Vande Velde was able to bridge back up, but with only one on his wheel. From there they continued to sit on as I was the only one willing to work. I was going hard, but not all out as I didn't want to get jumped and tow others to the line. Just before a little riser that happened to be 3km to the finish I figured one of them was going to attack so I sat up a bit and soft pedalled and sure enough Vande Velde through down a hard attack. I got on his wheel and hung on over the top and it was just the two of us going to finish. I was "able" to take second place on the stage. With that ride I ended up moving into a surprising 3rd overall. I say surprising because I never expected it, but on the other hand with the way the road race played out, and with they way we road as a team, it's what I would expect.

Vande Velde and myself 1km before the finish. Courtesy geronimok

It was a great couple of races and the team is way better then last year in terms of the way we road together and the team unity seems to be very good. I can't wait to get everyone together. We should have a very successful year. Sorry for the bland race report. To tired to be creative and its been a few days since, so just wanted to get it up.

Breeze On

P.S. Walking through an airport with a trophy is quite an experience.

Monday, February 04, 2008

No internet and no phone make Jake go crazy!
A quick update.

courtesy of geronimok

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