Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing going on at ALL= No updates

Seriously nothing exciting or worth mentioning had happened since returning from the Bahamas. I'd like to thank everyone who congratulated me though on my result and it makes me want to just go out and doing all again. We will just have to wait a while to my next big event.

Just as I expected upon my return winter would be in full swing and training would become difficult. I believe I spent way to much time riding inside the past two weeks. I was thinking though as I was riding the rollers the other day and thought about how weird it was to be cruising in my living room at over 50kmh. Makes you think. Other then that nothing exciting.

Although I do have to say I'm a bit excited about a race this weekend near by. It's a race I've always loved doing since the first time I showed up to it and it was canceled due to the weather, but I rode it anyways. Actually come to think of it the last time I showed up it was canceled as well, but I wasn't able to make it to the postponed date on that occasion. This time the weather looks raceable, for those of us who can call low 50's and rain raceable. What race is this? Well I don't want to give it away or let others know I'm coming, but this should help.

Breeze On


jbhancock said...

Hold on...I don't remember giving a toaster away at the Ithaca GP...

You must be confused. must mean the race put on by that famous Japanese monster guy?

Have fun and good luck! I would say "toast them" but that would be absolutely ridiculous.

BVDG said...

so what happened at shabobele?