Thursday, March 27, 2008

Camp Midday 2

The day started off much like yesterday ended. I was just trying to have a second bowl of cereal but instead of topping the milk off i added orange juice. Three bites later I had to call it quits and toss the rest as it was quite unpleasant.

Not the best day as far as riding weather is considered. Of course what do expect when in your the north/east part of the country in March. On the upside it should clear up by the weekend and we should have more typical weather.

Today my left hand man was on the wrong side of a broken chain issue this time. About 15 minutes into our ride Bill had a chain break and with his quick link in my chain, his day was done. Thanks buddy. Then Robbie was unfortunate to loose his brand spanking new Rudy Projects off his head and they broke. Bummer.

The most exciting thing on the ride is when we hit this narrow downhill curvy road that suddenly turned to dirt as we were sweeping through a turn and right at the bottom there was a stop sign right before it continued sharply uphill. The back half of the group was lucky as they heard clear they never slowed, but the front half went up from zero.

So a warm shower and hearty lunch and it's time to relax before tonights festivities. We are heading to Allentown to tackle a climbing wall. Our team has a secret affection for heights or something. I don't know why we can't do something on the ground. Oh well. I wonder how high I will make it tonight. Story and pictures to come.

Breeze On