Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter egg hunt for adults?

Well I guess I never pictured myself standing in the middle of a muddy field late at night on a cool March night starring at over 5000 glow in the dark plastic eggs with a few hundred others, but that is exactly where I was come Thursday night.

The local community in Brownsburg, Indiana puts on an easter egg hunt for adults that include adult prizes. Not adult prizes such as in adult beverages and such, but just as in gift certificates in a number of things and a grand prize of an awesome barbecue.

So it started at 9:30 in the middle of a grass field, in which the two days before it had rained 3 inches, at the park lined out with caution tape. Myself along with my wife and her cousins Krista, and Cara with her husband Jeff went out in search of lushes prizes. We were told there would tons of people and we better show up early to make sure we would find a spot to park and stand along the boundary and wait for the horn. So we arrived at a very comfortable time of 8:35 and waited for the crowd and the egg hunt to begin.

30 minutes later I think I realized we had showed up way to early as there still was hardly anyone there and we have been just standing around with not much to do other then glare into the field at an assortment of pink, green, red glowing eggs that could be filled with assortment of dreams. Finally people started to show and fill in around. Strategy talk started to be quietly whispered among others to optimize the way to retrieve the most eggs, there for having the greatest opportunity to win a great prize.

10,9,8.......3,2,1 horn sounds and finally we are off. I quickly grab the two eggs that happened to be 12 inches from my nose at the start, declaring to all around me that I would tackle them if they took those from me. I'm sure that was a big deterrent. As I stubble to put those two eggs in my grocery sack, I reach down to pick a few more and realize that my bag is not staying open and I am having difficulties getting the eggs into. My heart is pounding, my arms are jelloy and I am nervous, all for just some prizes I might win, that I don't really know what they are.

Finally I am able to compose myself and notice the people who were on the other side of the line and are getting closer. We meet in the middle, grab the last eggs, as an even bigger group now dart to the left, grab a few more, the group is growing, a few zig zags, a few more eggs, and the groups are coming together till it's all one massive group in the middle. Everyone takes a quick look up and notice there are no more eggs and it is all over. How long did it all take? Well I don't have an exact time, but by my best guest I would have to say less then 2 minutes. Surprisingly fast, is all I know.

So after trying to open 30 or so eggs that are taped shut, what did we come away with? Well besides the tootsie rolls, mints, and small candy, Krista won a $10 gift certificate to Applebee's, I won a sweet gift certificate to Steak and Shake for $1 off, but the big winner on the day had to be Katie who won a free subscription to the Hendricks county flyer, that happens to be already delivered for free to every home. So we came with nothing and left with slightly more then nothing along with some muddy clothes, but the memories of my easter egg hunt in 2008 will remain with me forever.

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