Monday, April 28, 2008

It's been a busy few days. I did a race on Saturday, spent much of the day yesterday moving, and tomorrow I am flying out the east coast to begin a month and a half of full on racing.

I'm basically cracked now and keeping my eyes open to write this quick update is turning into a struggle. Anyways, finally ever since the first time of riding down in Brown County State Park 5 years ago and fallen in love with the ride, they was going to be race there. I know back in the 80's they had the Pan Am road race there as well and I believe some Columbian won. For the race this past weekend we used only the southern loop which was a 8km circuit with a 2km climb and we did 12 loops. Of course there was some talk about shorting it to only 10 laps, but of course I had to be the one to fight against that and said we should do what the flyer. I needed the training, so everyone else must suffer with me.

It was pretty brutal and the race ended up blowing up right from lap one. I worked with 5 other dudes for the first half of the race, and props to them for continuing to rotate and work through the rolling and decent sections. I just love it when others put in a hard effort as well and just don't sit on. Pushing yourself is the only way to improve. Anyways half way through on the race on the climb I just rode away and ended up doing the rest of the race on my own. It was just awesome flying around the course. Great course and great event. Thanks for putting it on. Hopefully we will have the race there again next year.

The following day I spent much of the day after riding moving from one apartment to our new pad in Brownsburg. We had a ton of help from Katie's family and friend. Thank you very much Cara, Jeff, Krista, Sherri, Gwen, Alex and Britain. Also to our new neighbors who didn't mind the line of stuff from the parking lot to the door of the apartment. There was just about everything from dvd's, which the kids where carrying, to bike parts in a nice trail that was about 15 yards long that went threw the grass. It was a funny scene.

I have pictures, but to tired to upload. They will be coming shortly. Maybe tonight after I take a nap. I also have to pack for my trip, and grab the last bit of stuff from the old apartment. Ugggg.

Breeze On

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BVDG said...

whats up breeze! I heard you were motoring around in those hills down there, very nice of you to take it easy on those poor suckers for the first half of the race! Did you get Paddy to go?