Friday, April 18, 2008

What the heck!?

So at around 5:30am this morning I was awaking by what I first thought was a storm, but come to find out was an earthquake! Thats right an earthquake. All I remember is the dog going crazy and the sound of the apartment upstairs rattling. So now I have officially survived my first earthquake. Of course it was only 5.7 and people in California are probably laughing at us midwesterners for making such a big deal out of a small quake. Heck they most likely don't even notice anything under 6. If they have one like that they probably just think a big truck rolled by or something.

How bout this for humor. As I was sitting down writing about my life threating situation we just experienced an aftershock. I was just sitting at my computer and I noticed my feet going back and forth as I could hear the upstairs again rattling. Checked it out and it turned out to be a 4.4 this time.

Well I know I don't train during thunderstorms or during tornado threating days, but what about earthquakes? Maybe one of my Cali boys could fill me in since I am new to this type of scene. I think I'll just sit under my table and watch tv.

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